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Random thing I just noticed.

Hypothetically if the Daemons of Chaos Obsidian Armour is made by the chaos dwarfs (who I know don’t have the only supply of obsidian in the world/ multiverse), the chaos runeshield that they do make has something in common.

They both treat magical attacks as mundane.

Does anyone else think it’s likely they will have at least some items like this themselves in our list? If both of those got slotted into our list I would be very happy.

Playing on the concept of anti magic is something they could develop I think in the fluff as well.

Ancient History:

I would agree that playing up obsidian and its anti-magic properties in Warhammer could be a nifty Chaos Dwarf gimmick, but the nitpicker in me would like to point out that the Daemons of Chaos Obsidian Armour isn’t actually a magic item.

Gar Shadowfame:

and chaos runeshield was made by alaric the mad, along with chaos runesword, dwarf runesmith

Thommy H:

You mean like the Obsidian Blade that’s already in the Ravening Hordes list?

Ancient History:

Nnnnoo - [[Grungni Ironheart]] forged the Chaos Runesword, and none of the fluff points to Alaric the Mad forging the Chaos Runeshield (the Runefangs and the Nemesis Crown, yes, but not the Chaos Runeshield).


Hmm, I was just going by WoC p113 ‘This shield was created by bitter Chaos Dwarf Forgemasters…’


Yes, that plus the talisman of obsidian.

If they put all these things into our new list I’m seeing a lot of anti magic things. It will be interesting to see if they develop this as a fluff focus or not.

Border Reiver:

Yeah the Obsidian Blade (destroying all armour) and the Talisman of Obsidian with its anti-magic properties, combined with those other items seem to start a trend for what our lads in the forges produce.

Where’s my list?