[Archive] Magic Items


One day i felt really bored and decided i wanted to make a fan made army list. I am currently in the stage of selecting magic items. If any of you have any magic items you wish to share please post here! :hat off


well, an armies magic items are decided on to compliment how it plays. DE get ones that makes them hit harderon the charge and increase there speed, vamps have ones that make te characters they rely on more powerful ec, so we need to know how the army plays

other than that, maybe use some general ones

An ASF one

A KB one (maybe a 100 point army, s10 KB but each turn suffers a wound with only ward saves allowed when not in combat, strong but can screw you over if your not careful)

A 4+ ward save one

a generate additional power dice, dispell dice item


Feel free to look at my book for ideas. Link below.


thanks for the input so far, I will probably put the killing blow item in because it sounds awsome, and I will take a look at your army book, slev


How about a ranged magic weapon that has the effect of the Lore of Metal spell (can’t remember name) that does an auto hit at the strength of the reversed armour save (6+ Str 1, 5+ Str 2, etc.), except doing d6 hits.


how many points would you make that?


oh, probably in the area of 50 points.