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I emailed FW for a correct base size for the Magma Cannon, as I am currently proxying the model until I purchase the proper model. From their picture on the site, I thought it was the same as the Iron Daemon (60x100) but their reply left me speechless.

For the Magma Cannon we would recommend a minimum base size of 200mm by 60mm (or two Screaming Bell base together)
I emailed them again just to be 100% sure that they were referring to the Magma Cannon & not the Dreadquake or something and they confirmed:
The model is longer and so would need the longer base.
Can anyone who has the model pls confirm this?


Mine fits perfectly on a chariot base. Don’t know what size that is though.

Time of Madness:

50X100 chariot base

There is already a topic discussing all the base sizes on page 2 or 3 (maybe we should sticky it).

The iron daemon works better on a 60X100 base (screaming bell).

Time of Madness


@Zuh-Khinie: Cheers

@Time of Madness: That would help

Thommy H:

This is why we should probably ignore whatever they say about Bull Centaurs…

Time of Madness:

This is why we should probably ignore whatever they say about Bull Centaurs...

Thommy H
You wait, bull centaurs will soon be on chariots bases Thommy :)
Time of Madness

Thommy H:

Ironically, that wouldn’t be that bizarre - the most recently released Monstrous Beasts and Cavalry units from the newest books (Sepuchral Stalkers, Nercropolis Knights and Mournfang Cavalry) are all on chariot bases. So there’s precedent.


My guess is they confused it with the dreadquake mortar, which would do better on two screaming bells. I put it on two chariots, but it was a little too wide. The magma cannon and the Death Shrieker both fit on chariots just fine.


They were probably tripping on what’s in the picture thinking that whole thing was a magma cannon.