[Archive] Magma Cannon WIP

Singleton Mosby:

At the moment I am working on a new Magma cannon as I wasn’t all too happy with the old one I had made. Being in awe of Matt’s superb cannon based on a kinder-egg I headed out to the store and bought one. (that chocolate is tasteles btw!)

Apart from Matt’s cannon I was inspired by steampunk machinery.

Anyhow, after quite some hours of fiddling with loads of bits I found in my bitbox I now have this. Still very much WIP but it is a basis to work from.

The most recognizable part of the cannon is the Kinder-egg, the big yellow thing. They have new ones now which are kind of different in shape from the old ones but a little more sturdy as well so that’s actually a good thing.

The muzzle is a plastic chess piece which I ‘lend’ from my old Magma cannon. It has to be made a little more solid but I haven’t done mych work on the front end yet.

Underneath there’s a bit of chain with some skulls from some 40K thingy.

The wheels are a bit too small in my opinion and will be replaced later on.

Let me guide you through the machines workings:

At the rear of the boiler there’s the furnace-hatch (lend it from a rhino). It is quite big so I had to extend the egg a little, which need smoothening, but it is worth it. The back end of the machine rests on quite a mechanism which is operated by the ‘shoveler/loader’. This contraption is used to anchor the machine firmly in the ground with a spike (front bit) and adjust the machines height with a lever and some machiny bits.

On the other side we can see the insides of the furnace. The door can be opend and closed and I hope to keep it that way with a little pin.

To the right of the door you can see some dails and a lever. This is where the second crewmember operates. His job is adjust the presure of the boiler on the orders of the commander; release some presure when the cannon’s targets are closer and build up the presure when they are far away. A chimney is used for release of presure (steam).

Next to the chimney are two big vats which are used to build up the presure and through a hose release it into a chamber in the muzzle, where the steam is mixed with the boiling magma. This part will need a whole bit of work.

The vats are from Skaven warpfire guys, as is the hose and the other thingy. The chimney stack is from several bits of the Warhammer Tower. And the side-chamber is some Ikea bit adorned with a few pieces of sprue.

On the commander’s side we have the sighting device and the fire controls. He has a little platform to stand on and gain some height and a good view.

Well, that’s the work I’ve done so far. Next up are several sessions of smoothening with greenstuff, then placing rivets and such. Hope this will work as I am not all that good with GS but we’ll see. Look forward to painting it and fielding it next weekend at a double tournament with a small 800 point Chaos Dwarf force. :hat off

Kera foehunter:

Nice, I always love how a few bits can make anything into a great piece of work .

A great idea too


Ha nice to see I’ve inspired someone (:

If you have trouble smoothing your greenstuff; use milliput, it can be smoothed with a wet brush (and is cheaper).


I love it

At this rate, Grandma Wendy will be issuing a C&D letter to the Kinder Surprise group because they are costing them sales! :smiley:


wow it is full of bits ^^


reminds me of the classic dwarf flame cannon