[Archive] Magma's Old and New LoA Army

Magma Quake:

Hi Guys,

This is the start of my Army Blog.  I am aiming to do a 3,000pt LoA (with a few tweaks for allowing a Lord on Taurus from RH list) with a few different build options.

I have quite a variety of models to use in this - from Warhammer 3rd edition up to current Forge World models.

The first unit I am working on is a horde of Infernal Guard with Great Weapons - using the old Big Hat plastics for this.  The unit is led by a Castellan, and for this I am using a Forge World Infernal Guard champion model.  This is the first completed model, so here are some pictures (new to photo taking and uploading, so sorry if they are a bit rubbish quality).

Castellan Front View


Castellan Rear View


Castellan Top View


Castellan Side Views


Magma Quake:

Some WIP shots added, these will take a while to finish off to the same point as my Castellan.  Hopefully this gives an idea of the uniform look that is being done.

Infernal Guard







K’daai Fireborn & Manburner