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If I take them, I go with a unit of 13 with the Bullcentaur standard bearer. This is both a hammer and an anvil unit. It is best used as the hammer though. All those choppa attacks is pretty sick at str 5 and no animosity to shaft you. I think they are a little expensive for what they do, but we lack those hammer units and often have extra special choices so I view them as a good investment in limited numbers. I like the models anyway.


For me, it all depends on the opponent. If I feel that my infantry can win out against theirs I advance the whole line forward. I usually feel confident about my infantry, but have things like chariots, then I usually advance a bit, but largely hang back in order to buy time for the artillery to do it’s work. I rarely castle up in corner, but do when I am very grossly outnumbered or where there is a lot of good fast moving troops bearing down at me. I think you have to build a good general list and just be flexible with it.

Ancient History:

OK...I just read the full wiki and the tactics offered didn't differ much from the basic defensive style I expected to find.

Groznit Goregut
Yeah, I think its time to update and expand the tactics page a little. The individual vs. army pages are a bit better.


Black Orcs are great as a hammer unit - I use 6 of them they are fantastic in support of any main dwarf unit and at only 72 points for 12 ws4 strength 5 or 6 ws 4 strength 6 attacks they are good value and can easily swing a combat - plus no animosity makes them nice and reliable and every single model can fight.

Big units get too expensive compared to dwarf warriors and given that everyone knows that black orcs are dangerous they get targetted a lot - whereas most people ignore a small unit.

Alan the evil:

that’s what I promise to groznit:

i can answer about what i know (or at least how we play in italy)…

as soon as it possible i gonna post documents about what i’m saying
I’m very sorry but this link it’s only in italian

musician: it really costs 10
nani del caos: page 24 - point 1
O&G: we can have only infantry of goblins (no dark), orks,and one unit of black orks
nani del caos: page 24 - point 6

more exactly we can have goblins, orks, archers, big uns like in the O&G book , 0-1 black orks.

Groznit Goregut:

I posted an army list in the Army List forum. It’s not your standard CD list.

I’m not sure when I will get a chance to try it out as I don’t have CD yet. I do have a death rocket, 10 hobgoblin wolf riders, and a Great Taurus lord at the moment. I figure I will borrow heavily from tjub’s work to create an army.


Thanks for the feedback so far.  It still looks like most CD armies sit back and wait for you to come to them.  Is that the gist of it?

Groznit Goregut
I occasionally field a "fast attack" army, one version uses:
Lord on Great Taurus
Scroll caddy
Chaos Dwarf Hero, General,
Chaos Dwarf Warriors
2 units Blunderbusseers x 15: ,
3 minimal units of naked Hobgoblins
Hobgoblins x 20
2 units Hobgoblin Wolfriders Light Armour Shields Musician,
Orcs with Shields x 21: Musician, Standard, Boss,
Boltthrower x 6
Bull Centaurs + Heavy Armour, x 6: Standard with War Banner,
Bull Centaurs Heavy Armour1 x 6: Standard

Blunderbussers fit in well, since they can move and shoot, which makes up for the slowness. Not really sure about the warriors, great anvil unit, but often never make combat

Groznit Goregut:

Hey Giftzwerg,

How did the units of bull centaurs work? People always say that units of 5 are small and vulnerable to missile fire and magic. I was thinking of running an army list with two units of 10 bull centaurs. I’m curious how your units of 6 handled. How often do they get shot to pieces or not make it to charge the enemy lines?

Alan the evil:

A unit of 5 BC has got 10 attacks S6 against a front of 5 models infantry.
This means I hit them on 3+ and wound on 2+ if they have WS3 or less and 4+ / 2+ vs WS4+. I’m gonna inflict an average damage of 5/6  casualties in the 1st case and 4 in the 2nd… IF i didn’t suffer any casualty during my approch movement.
An infantry usually has got 3 ranks, number, standard: if we don’t work over the average we hardly win the combat… even with standard and war banner: thay can help just to supprot our casualties during approch movement…5 or 6 BC in this way are not so different.
I prefer to manage this minimum units, without standard, just to try to reach a flank of the board or to help other units menacing or even charging flanks of enemy units.
It’s different if we want to use BC for hard close combat: we need 10 models to try to have even rank and number as well as the guarantee to bring 10 attacks to the enemy. In this way standard and music are good to help close combat result.

Everything in my humble opinion

EDIT: shields on BC are essentials


Hey Giftzwerg,

How did the units of bull centaurs work?  People always say that units of 5 are small and vulnerable to missile fire and magic.  I was thinking of running an army list with two units of 10 bull centaurs.  I'm curious how your units of 6 handled.  How often do they get shot to pieces or not make it to charge the enemy lines?

Groznit Goregut
they went well in the last 2 games, but my opponent had little magic and was obsessed with shooting at the Orc unit!?!:hat off

This isn't a army I would normally field against an experienced player. People who know what they are doing shoot/magic them to bits. If your opponent doesnt have a hill for his shooters though, the wolfrider screen is invaluable. The  wolfriders that survive the shooting can charge a war machine/detachment whatever on T2, leaving the BC's to charge something significant, or the wolfriders manoeuvre to threaten a flank while the BCs threaten a frontal charge.. The BC's can "usually" take out a block of average infantry, or at Ld9 hang in and wait for help.

Units of 10 are much more survivable, but hard to do pointswise at 2k if you have a lord on a Great Taurus, and the Great Taurus can at least be relied on to draw a lot of fire away from them. A unit of 11 (6 in the front rank) with warbanner kicks arse. You will get all 6 in contact with a 5 wide infantry block of even 20mm base models, so 12, or 13 with champion, S6 attacks, a rank, and warbanner.

I often field a minimal unit of 5 with no command in a defensive army, because people will cry cheese if you field 2 earthshakers, so you have a spare rare slot, and at 105 points, they are almost a throwaway unit. If you are playing a "come and get me" army, you can keep them out of range and use them for a countercharge unit. i.e. whittle down the enemy's infantry with firepower then charge the bullcentaurs in.

*disclaimer* I might suck at painting, but I can at least claim to be mediocre at strategy and tactics!:cheers