[Archive] Major injuries


some of those stories are crazy! That bloke with the broken neck sounds ridiculously tough. Personally nothing besides being knocked around by a few cricket balls… oh and cut the top of my finger off assembling my first ever model kit on christmas day.


I got hit in the head by a Baseball bat when i was six


I thought to become the next Batter you had to stand behind the batter who is allready batting :smiley:


Not so much injuries, as events:

My jaw didn’t grow far enough as a kid, I had thirteen years of orthodontic treatment, an operation which surgically broke my jaw in two places, and another to remove the titanium plates I later rejected.

I had an opperation to remove a benine tumour from the side of my face a few years ago.

My current Shoulder injury has turned out to r rather serious, and I’m not currently allowed to exercise.

I hurt my back a few years ago, and still suffer o this day. At the time I could hardly walk.