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Hey all! Next, ive decided to add a ork mek to my horde. I was wondering how i could make one that would look somewhat as good as the mek here:


To begin with, what should i use as a ‘base’ model? Since, meks need to be bigger than the orks that they lead.



Do you want it in plastic or metal?

Depending on your GS-skills, you could start out with a command orc from the Orc-boys (plastic) or start with this one as a base model: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?prodId=prod1060131&rootCatGameStyle=

The Squig is a normal fantasy squig, afaik.

Hope this helps.


the body is from this mek and the arm holding the squig


I think the other arm is from the nob box with some parts from the burna/loota box




The Black Reach Warboss was in principle something of a Big Mek. Shouldn’t be to expensive to mess up if conversions go wrong. Otherwise it seems you’re stuck with metal base for a Big Mek. Though the plastic WHFB Orc general kit might be a useful base.

Well spotted list by Warh though!


@ warh- Thanks!! I like the shokk attack gun body, ive been trying to figure out what he used… I might buy some nobz, and edit them from their (Maybe using various deff dread bitz i.e/ arms.)


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