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Army Blogs allow you to put all your ideas, thoughts, conversions and work in progress stuff in one place. Where the conversion section is for Conversion works, and the Showcase is for completed works, the Army Blog section will be for your day to day work that is still in production.

Make a thread and keep us updated!

The typical thread title will look something like this:
[09-13-2007] Xander’s Uber Awesome Army Blog

It’s good blogging practice to say when the thread was last updated. :slight_smile: The date format should be “MM-DD-YYYY” that will match with the forum’s date format, thanks!

Please note also, that this section is for Chaos Dwarf armies only. Any other blogs cn be posted in the Off-Topic Showcase section. :slight_smile:


Just like to add here, if anyone creates a thread in another category that you think should be a ‘blog’, and would like it moved here, either pm a mod or mention it in the thread and one of us will probably see it.

Pyro Stick:

I think my thread should probably be moved here. Id rather it didnt have [BLOG] written at the start. I think thats a stupid sounding word and it will make my title look longer than it allready is.


Haha, Ya, I might remove the [Blog] Moniker from all since it will be redundant in this section.


Me likey this idea good work Xander!


The ideal blog should include good quality pictures and clearly marked and well written updates. “yah this is a fuzzy phone picture of some stuff I painted.” DOes not make interesting reading. Also, think as to whether you intend to maintain your blog - If it can be done just as well with a couple of conversion showcases then its a better idea. This is for people charting the progress of their armies and to provide insipration to others to get their own finished

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

a little off-topic(not trying to spam) but what does W.I.P mean it’s been trouberling me :h

Ghrask Dragh:

Work In Progress


(I’ve been practising these, it’s taken me ages to get used to them and still don’t know what some of them mean :rolleyes:)

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Work In Progress


(I've been practising these, it's taken me ages to get used to them and still don't know what some of them mean :rolleyes:)

Ghrask Dragh
what really that it

oh never would of thought of it

thanks :cheers


As an addendum for everyone. Try to avoid making a blog post announcing your blog… then having nothing in it. In short have something to show before getting your blog off the ground. Many Thanks.

Red Skullz:


Would it be cool if I blog my upcoming team for BB here? Strictly not an army but it will feature some conversions :wink:


Hashut’s Blessing:

If you start a thread for it, it certainly would and is most definitely appilcable :smiley:


Hi guys, was asked for a guideline to my kind of army blog and since I wrote it down I thought to put it here for everyone to read:

here in short the principles of the army blog. I will comment on some later on-

First you reserve the first 8 posts for yourself, than you can insert the following themes:

1. Introduction
to describe your Motivation, perhaps to introduce yourself.

2. Diary
Here you can inform the reader what you did when, if you want you can include links to the relevant posts.
My thoughts: wouldnt put too much into it here, may be interesting to note down when you finished the first mini, but neither you nor your interested reader wants to know, that you finished the 23rd one.<br><br><strong>3. Background</strong><br>for the Fluff of your army, but if you are talented links some short stories of your own. Describe your reasons for building your army in exactly this way. For me a problem since I am collecting as well and I want to own everything! Will try myself on a short story though.<br><br><strong>4. Pictures</strong><br>Most readers want to look at pictures. You dont have to put every pic of your army here, but here you should show the really cool ones and the new ones. And you should rework this post on a regular timetable.
My thoughts: This is the appetizer for your thread. Here you want to hook the reader.

5. Armylist
The newest armylist will show the reader what is ready for battle and what is missing. Can be a great source for discussion.
My thoughts: I use this as an collectors/search list and will convert it, when I painted enough units to start to play.

6. Battle Reports
If you do that, put the latest one here and link to the older ones, you can do them as a story, with strategic maps and with pics.
My thoughts: Since I havent enough painted models to play this one is for later<br><br>I chose to do a point&nbsp;&nbsp;<br><br><strong>7. Content</strong><br>Here I link the different minis so everyone looking for something special �?" one click.<br><br>And I am working on a point<br><br><strong>8. Everything else:</strong><br>Here I will put links I found useful, put minis obtained from CDO friends and I dont know what else.

Remember, the first page of your army blog is the page every new reader will have to like to read on. If it doesn`t spark interest, he will look elsewhere.

A really good army blog has to look really good .

Reaver of Uzkulak :

Great advice on the first page. Trying to implement that now.