[Archive] Making an army book for the old minis from 2nd/3rd edition


Hi all. I am collecting chaos dwarfs from the golden age of citadel myself, and I know many other over here does it as well. I think it would have been fun to make an unofficial army book based on the wargear, warmachines and mutations from that time. And of course: The chaos dwarf renegades as special characters!

Anyone interested? PM me :hat off

Pyro Stick:

Here are some rules that i tried to update from the originals, but i have obviously made up the rules for the Juggernaut.


Whirlwind and Tenderiser




Of course, we speak on msn

Pyro Stick:

I will see if i have the old rules for the Swivel Gun.

Are you wanting to make unique rules for each of the renegades?


would have been really cool making special rules for them, chaos dwarfs needs lots of special characters. BTW, Martin have said yes to provide whit some pics from his collection