[Archive] Making axes (cutoff from old thread)


now some describe (red lines on pics means line of cutting):

1. on smooth surface make from miliput flat tray in more or less in shape of axe. smooth that tray with wet tool.

2. when it almost dries (solid but not too hard) cut sharp shape with knife.

3. when it is hardened - cut with knife sharp edges of axe

4. then u can correct edge with gs to make it more visible

5. do some ornaments on it, put on stem and axe is done :cheers

u can omit point 4 by making thicker miliput tray on beginning so sharp edges would be visible…


Interesting. However, I think it’s far easier to just cut the axe from a piece of card.


I’ve always thought it must be simple but missed the first few steps so it never quite worked, and last time i tried it i couldnt sculpt at all, you Grom (or whoever wrote this before) may have just saved my inquisitor from having a dull weapon cheers: