[Archive] Man O War from the Ash Wastes


I had my first game of Man O War last tuesday.  We played 700 pts, no sorcerers and no cards.  My opponent, Glen, had Skaven and I of course played CD’s.

My fleet was a Thunderfire, a Great Leveller, one squadron of Hull Destroyers, one squadron of Thunder Rollers and two Great Taurus’s.

His Fleet was a Doombringer, two squadrons of Death Burners and two of Warp-Raiders.

This is a pic of somewhere in the second turn.

My two Taurus’s had flow to one each of the two bigger islands on the first turn and this turn they had attacked a ship each.

You can sea two sea-monsters at the top of the table and there is two more in the corner down in the bottom left (of the pic) but they are out of view.  They were free range monsters not a part of anyone’s fleet.  They got placed randomly by dice roll and ended up in two corners only and their movement was random at the start of each turn.  Not a single one made contact with a ship so they just denied areas basically.

Gotta run. will do a battle report later / when I can


Turn 1:-
The creatures all did their little moves. Only the Sea-Serpent moved threateningly towards the two northern skaven squadrons.

Skaven got the initiative this turn.
Skaven - Basic moves towards me. The two northern squadrons traveled due south to avoid the sea-serpent.

Chaos Dwarfs -  I moved all my vessels straight forward, trying to get a feel for the game and guess out what he would possibly do next turn with his random movement ships

Turn 2:-
The Creatures - The Sea-Serpent moved a bit alongside the skaven boats but the other three only spun in place.

Skaven got the initiative again.
Skaven - Their moves again were basically the same as turn 1, though one of the warp raiders headed more south than the other two in the southern most squadron (I can’t remember why).

Chaos Dwarfs - I just moved straight forward again. Mainly trying to judge what he was going to do without overly committing myself. The two Great Taurus’s charged a ship each, one Death Burner and one Warp Raider.  Each ship lost a crew marker and the Taurus attacking the Warp Raider lost a marker as well,

Turn 3:-
The Creatures - Either did spins on the spot or cruised back and forth as if they were guarding their own little patch of turf.
This is all they did for the rest of the game so I’ll leave them out from now on.  best bit was their denying the skaven access around the flanks for their numerically superior force.

Initiative fell to me this turn.
Chaos Dwarfs -I’d turning my two battle Barges to aim across each other. the Thunderfire ended up out of range got a shot off at the Doombringer with my Great Leveller and hurt him some more but not too bad as he was still floating.

Skaven - One of the warp raiders got a shot of at my Hull Destroyers and did some damage. The Doombringer did some damage to itself.  The Warp Raider and Taurus fight ended in the Taurus dying. And the Taurus attacking the Death Burner took a wound.

Gotta go out again.  More maybe later.

Fuggit Khan:


Man O’ War is still my all time favorite GW game :slight_smile:

The sea creatures are always such a nice ‘random element’ in the game…they always seem to swim in circles or cause utter chaos/destruction.

And I like your game mat…where is it from?


Looks like the Dreadfleet mat. Silk printed iirc.


Yep, A borrowed Dreadfleet mat.  Its really nice.

Turn 4:- Skaven Initiative again.

Skaven -  The Doombringer comes closer still but something went wrong with its bell ringing and it set fire to some part of itself. His closer unit of Death Burners charged two of my Thunder Rollers.  One Warp Raider took a shot at my Hull Destroyers and blew himself up.   The Death Burners wiped out a crew each on my two Thunder Rollers but lost a complete crew leaving it unmanned but having only one crew left i couldn’t board it and scuttle it.

Chaos Dwarfs - Outside of that battle I did terrible shooting with the Thunderfire. It managed to scatter a full 10 inches and hit nothing. The Great Leveller did better having a direct hit that caught two Death Burners and set fires on each of them through critical hits.

Turn 5:- Skaven Initiative yet again.

Skaven:- The southern Warp Raider jocketed backwards but in his shooting another one blew itself up. The second squadron of Death Burners joined the fray with my now severely outnumbered Thunder Rollers. The second squadron of Warp raiders kept coming along around to their left flank. The Doombringer now tried ringing his bell again and did himself massive damage and left it a floating wreck. In the Death Burner v’s Thunder Roller melee he wiped out all three of mine but lost two of his six.

Chaos Dwarfs:- My Hull Destroyers tried maneuvering to get lined up with some of his ships as he’d pulled his warp raider backwards out of my range. And the Shooting from my Battle Barges went awry again except that the Great Levellers hits this time relit the fires one one of his ships.

Turn 6:- The Good guys finally got the initiative this time.

Chaos Dwarfs - I backed up my two battle barges trying to keep the enemy in their sights and within range. My Hull Destroyers managed to ram two of his ships. One Death Burner and one Warp Raider. Managing to destroy one through the ramming and subsequent combat. The other got shoved away with only one point of damage as it had not been hurt before. My shooting failed as by the time it got to them I had no viable targets.

Skaven - One Warp Raider got a shot in at my Thunderfire but didn’t hurt it too much. Still floating and fighting.

And that was the end of turn 6.
I had scored 16 Victory Points from the Skaven and lost only 8 VP’s to him.

So a good win.

Technically Glen killed as many points of his own ships as I did but I’ll take it.


Had another Man O war game last month.  A three way battle.  The enemy were Glen’s Chaos Tzeench and Chris’s Brettonians

Here is the Tzeench fleet

Here’s the dastardly Brettonians

And my CD fleet

I got to play the “Grappler” I made for the last Golden Hat as a second Thunderfire Battle Barge.

A couple of game pics

Due to which corner we ended up having to deploy in, Chris’s Brettonians ended up in the farthest corner and he decided to split his fleet into separate attack runs.
The Great Leveller didn’t do much, but the Squadron of Thunder Rollers laid waste to one squadron of corsairs and upon turning 180*, sank the Big ship after it had sailed through.
I was a continuous source of amusement through the game as I managed to roll 10 misfires in 5 turns.

Glen sank most of the rest of the Brettonians, with the last 3 abandoning the board at the end of turn 4.
He then turned his attention to me, with his Lord of Change de-crewing 2 Hull Destroyers and a Thunderfire battlebarge by the end of turn 5.   I did some damage to him and we called it a draw between us.


Nice battle report, not least the pictures! Would you like photographing your entire Man o’ War collection including scratchbuilt grappler and new escort ships? Would love to see it all together from down under. :slight_smile:


I’ll get them all out on my next days off for a group photo.

I’ve forgotten heaps of details about the game. One that comes to mind is that Chris flew his 3 Pegasi to an Island near me, so in a “what the hell” moment I charged the foremost with my 2 Great Taurus’s. Took only 1 wound off him and lost one myself. Next turn he brought the other two into contact and my Taurus’s died over the next two rounds. I’m pretty sure he charged the Great Leveller with them after that and they died without hurting me much.

The half dozen sea-monsters we had out, with no one controlling them only swam about doing whatever they wanted. Everything thing except attacking ships.

Fuggit Khan:

Over the past 20 years, I must of played 200+ games of Man O War (it’s still my most beloved of all GW games). This is the first time I have seen the (dastardly) Bretonnians being played…kudo’s to Chris for picking a tough fleet to play  :cheers


Looks pretty cool. Wish I had some of the CD models… actually, I wish even more I knew how to play :wink:


I Finally got another game of Man O War in last Tuesday. Three players with 1000 pts each. Only two pics survived editing and no real Battle report I’m sorry to say.

I was set up in the centre on one side, with a Brettonian fleet in the far right corner and a mixed Orc and Norse fleet in the far left corner.

They both played similar moves for the first turn and split their fleets in half to come at me from both sides.

I sort of did the same thing but only to the point where my two halves were back to back.

Will be back shortly to finish this


Long story short I had a flotilla of Orcs heading for my left flank and a flotilla of Brettonians coming around to my right.

That left a mix of Orcs and Norse fighting the remainder of the Brettonians over on the other side of the table.

Feck… work calls again. Will try to finish tomorrow hopefully.

Fuggit Khan:

Feck....... work calls again.

Work! Bah! Humbug!
I am curious to hear how well the Brettonian fleet did...they are without a doubt the hardest fleet in the game to set sail (per my impression of their ship rules)


Enjoying this thread.

What is the availability of Man O War these days?


I went digging around (for the answer to my own question) and found where someone had stashed a copy of the rules in PDF. So, Man-O-War = long OOP, apparently. Nearly lost in the mysts of time and so forth.

@Abecedar, would there be any chance of snapping a “for scale” shot of these ships? Like from above? and  ‘docked’ next to a ruler (as if a bloke wanted to have a go at scratchbuilding some).


Sorry. Workus Interruptus got in the road. No problem with the pics. I will get onto that as soon as I can.

As well as the Man-O-War Rules themselves. You might need the “Plague Fleet & Sea of Blood” rules sets as well.

Fuggit Khan:

@Abecedar, would there be any chance of snapping a "for scale" shot of these ships? Like from above? and  'docked' next to a ruler (as if a bloke wanted to have a go at scratchbuilding some).

Hopefully this helps:



So the small, frigate vessels are about 3cm long; but the bigger ships are 5 or 6cm?

Does that length hold true for the other navies??? Brettonnians, the E navies (Estalia, Elves, Empire) and others?


Thanks Fuggit. I only have one original so your pics are much more accurate.

I have only seen a few navies so far. Orcs, skaven and Tzeench appear to similar sized except our Battlebarges are wider and chunkier.

The Brettonians ( I cannot remember their ship names) are definitely longer


Thanks Fuggit.  I only have one original so your pics are much more accurate.

I have only seen a few navies so far.  Orcs, skaven and Tzeench appear to similar sized except our Battlebarges are wider and chunkier.
The Brettonians ( I cannot remember their ship names) are definitely longer

The Bretonnians have: Buccaneers < Corsairs < Galleons.

Think Henry VIII's Sovereign of the Seas for the Galleon.
The Corsairs look like Algerian Xhebec hulls but they carry a brig rig (two masts; square sails).
The Buccanneers are big Cogs or Carracks (one mast; square-rigged).

I was wondering about the lengths after looking at the turning template shown in the rules. I wondered if they needed to be standardized sizes to fit against it.