[Archive] Man O' War to warmaster?


Something I have been wondering, how feasible would it be to join these two games together and scale up all the boats to warmaster scale?

Someone who had plenty of time on their hands, and an in depth knowledge of both games could probably write some rules for combining sea battles with beach assaults?

Some of the warmaster models would look quite good out at sea actually, like dragons.

Also, forgetting the actual scale of MoW models (which I have learned are completely inconsistent), how much bigger or smaller do you think you’d need to make this ship for warmaster scale (based on this pic)? If you need to resize it, please do so and attach an image below.


Kinda hard to judge scale on that pic there Grim.


Don’t play Warmaster or MoW, but Old Glory makes nice 25mm ships :wink:

And there is “Uncharted Seas” by Spartan Games:



I think the scale needed may be somewhere around 1:200 (cm) or 1:175.  

So a 60m ship like the one above would be about 30cm?

60-80m seems to be about the average for a spanish galleon.

At 30cm though I’m sure there would be decent models that could be bought, so no need to make one.

Something like the image attached.


Still tough to judge.

What we really need is someone who plays both Warmaster and Man 'O War to chime in.



The main problem is the fact that the games are not on similar scales… In man’o’war each ship is one ship. in Warmaster one stand is a hundred or more… so in essence one ship could carry one stand… so you would need an ENORMOUS fleet to land even a 1000 point warmaster army. As far as play… Something like Grim did would be good… Though the Uncharted Seas Minis are very nice and decently priced.

I think just making rules to to cross the games wouldnt be too difficult… I would simplify MoR a bit just for speed. and simply develop rules for transport vessels. in which 3 could carry an entire 3k army… and the early game would be trying to get your transports to shore before getting destroyed… so in a beach battle the Defender would get a fleet of X points and a warmaster army of say 1k more than the attacker. The Attacker would get 1 transport per 1k or warmaster being played and a fleet of 30 Percent larger… so in essence the attacker has the advantage to get their transports to shore but one could easily be taken out… and then the defender would get advantage in the second half of the game.


I play both :smiley:

A Dragon in MOW is around half (or maybe a third) the dimensions of one in WM, but they are BIG cmpaed to the ships’ cannons et al.

I’d say tripling or even quadrupling the ship dimensions would set it up right for Warmaster’s scale.