[Archive] Manbiters - Gnoblars with "Bling"

Father Grumpmas:

The entry for these in the WD army list states that they can be taken as DOW in a DOW or Chaos Dwarf army but it does not state what slot it takes up.

Any thoughts - my feeling is that DOW choices for most armies should be rare unless it states otherwise. However, for DOW armies themselves, a lot of choices that are rare for other armies are special for them.

Grumpmas confused - head hurt.

(I only ask because I’m assembling a Gnoblar horde so I will have a unit of them to play with)


rare it is…

Uzkul Werit:

Theyr’e a Rare choice and not have bad if you need a little wallop in the army.


A cheap, hitting on a 4+ maximum unit. Important is that they don’t caus e panic (but really, who cares about the big nosed buggers.)

Father Grumpmas:

Tee -hee - Big Nosed Buggers!

That sums them up so well!


can anyone remember which UK WD the army list was in?