[Archive] Man's Lance


Written by: Admiral

Illustrated by: Raul “knightinflames” Gomes


Man’s Lance

Eight mystic men whirled their beards in a trance,

as altar fumes gave them of future a glance.

The presages taken gave Nir-Kezhar a chance,

to by booty’s means his power enhance.

For the Duke of Bastonne sought grail not romance,

he thought to find it in Dark Lands perchance.

Duke’s horse having died he was left then to prance,

ran into sneaky gits in a murderous dance.

To swing long sword wore out Duke’s endurance,

was stabbed through the heart in a valiant stance.

Cutting off both his head and tip of enchanted lance,

magic was stolen which had been the dead man’s.

- Chaos Dwarf children rhyme song


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Updated with this fantastic artwork, kindly donated for non-commercial community purposes by Raul “knightinflames” Gomes, also known on CDO as t5p1ny. :slight_smile: