[Archive] Mantic Games Fire Elementals


Previews, release later in the year.



Solid design. Useful miniatures, especially for our K’daai purposes.


Not bad at all. A bit simplistic but easily converted with armor plates.


I really like them! :smiley:

Like Jackswift said, simple but rife for conversion. Some chain beards, and hats and I’d be perfectly happy with them.


The big one is okay, the small ones are uninspired and remind me of some Grenadier models from the early 90s.

I prefer the following bigger models by Mantic (sharing the same base body):

And I would be cautious with Mantic release dates, as I am waiting a year now for the release of Mantic’s future vehicles “Mule” and big drill thingy.

Ghrask Dragh:

Oh yes, great K’daai there Tjub, would fit right in with alot of armies on this site