[Archive] Mantic open Day

Mad Dave:

Evening guys

just thought id pop up a post to say that i’ve been to the mantic open day and i got a really close up look at the golem’s that they are going to be releasing around march time next year. I must admit they do look awesome and ive taken some photo’s which i will be posting up shortly.

Mad Dave:

so here’s the pics i managed to take some quick snaps of



I have these already, and I’m looking to sell/trade them if anyone is interested. They are unassembled. I can provide pictures.

Mad Dave:

sorry i don’t mean to sound rude. but if your looking to trade etc then please use the correct part of the forum, secondly im curious as to how you have acquired these models. as they are not released yet. i spent most of the day bugging the mantic staff about these golem’s and i got a confirmed date of march time next year from one of the senior rep guys.


People who supported Mantic’s Kings of War kickstarter to fund these things were able to select them as a reward, and have received them a while ago.

Mad Dave:

Ah right that’s fair enough :slight_smile:


I find the models look a bit too toyish, like something from skylanders. But that’s somehow the case with a lot of mantic miniatures. On the other hand some a really awesome, like the ogres and ghouls.

Could be used as K’daii fireborn real easy. The bull/minotaur like one would work best.


Yeah they’re from the Kickstarter. I didn’t mean to hijack a post in the wrong forum. Just thought it pertinent in case people saw your post and wanted an early shot at some.