[Archive] Mantic Squats?


Picture from the recent email:-

I think they are swaying towards “squats” over at mantic!


This scetch is really awesome! :o

I like it - now they have to produce them! :wink:



They seem more like Demiurg than Squats really

But yeah they look cool, and will apparently be out in October


Very nice sketches (there are some more over on Warseer). I like them, and I also hope that the models’ quality will be on par with the sketches’. Mantic might be about to strike a gold vein with their sci-fi debute. Let’s hope that they keep to their own style and carve out their own setting rather than merely scrape sales off GW’s back.


The Orc’s looks qite nice to:-

Quite hopeful for this range or Warpath.


Although the Alpha playtest version of the rules is already available from Beasts of War, I am unwilling to spend cash on such an early playtest and am content to await the Beta version which promises to be free!

By the looks of things there are going to be at least eight races, with the first two being the Forge Fathers, or Space Dwarves, and the second the Marauders, or Orcs.

Certainly looking interesting, reminds me of the new sculpts featured in Dark Millenium 40k, they were never released and shortly after the squats got axed :frowning: I suspect they are going to be bigger and chunkier than the Grymn from Hasslefree if I am to be honest,

Expected and rummored troop types are speculated to be

The Forge Fathers will have the following options:


Steel Warriors



Hel Valkyr



Light Drakkar

Heavy Drakker





Iron Ancestor


Chief Scrapper


HailStorm Cannon

Heavy Heat Cannon


I like them. Looks like Mantic are really going to start giving GW a run for their money on their two biggest selling miniature lines.


I really doubt that Mantic will ever put a big enough dent in sales as they would hope, Looks like Mantic are really going to start to provide a alternative mass toop game to GW’s with a sci fi model range and a fantasy line too, The real point is that they are comming up with the best marketing for free wargames and rules that fit well on a table with the ability to use GW models or purchase new ones from mantic.

Now the big question will be can they make the rules that they have provided fit with a sci fi game and then make the models attractive enough and cheap enough to effectively replace GW’s lines. If they can do that I can see big things for the future. Lets hope it doesnt go the way of Warzone or Starship troopers.

As has been said before GW are loosing market to Warmachines and others that require less models and less investment to play on a grand scale. But if Mantic make mass troop games cheaper and make the game playable with great variation between factions and make it all fun then who knows


Wow, great sketches. I love them. Really curious to see the miniatures, Mantic miniatures range from really good to really disappointing. Let’s see what’s coming on :slight_smile:


Let’s hope the miniatures looks as good as the sketches.