[Archive] Mantic Veer-myn tunneller


Was watching the BoW weekender and they showed concept art for the new Veer-myn tunneller for Warpath:

Warpath - The Sci-fi Battle Game by Mantic Games » Puppet Masters — Kickstarter

Anyone else think this’d be great as a Skulcracker Iron Daemon or even as a new houseruled CD ‘vehicle’. Would also work for anyone with a Skaven army as a Skaven invention.


Could work for both Skaven and Chaos Dwarfs, at least with some conversions to make the technology look more primitive such as adding a chimney stack at the back.

That is one badass Squat vehicle if I ever saw one!


I just wish I had the cash to back the Kickstarter atm - really want to get the Forgefathers to make Chaos Squats/Abyssal Forgefathers and would use it as an excuse to pick up these to use for my CDs :slight_smile:


Me to but I guess it will have to go on the “Can I make it myself” list


Usually tank tracks are an instant no no for CD’s for me