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Warpath is the new sci-fi game and miniatures range from Mantic Games coming later this year - keep an eye out on the blog and newsletter for future updates, and get your friends to sign-up too because they won’t want to miss out!
No pictures of anything yet, but i’m guessing there might be an echo of 40k miniatures, Orcs from space, marnie’s of a sort etc…

Anyone heard anything else about it?

Link to info:- http://www.manticgames.com/Sci-fi.html?utm_source=Mantic+Games+Newsletter&utm_campaign=e6a2370a60-Mantic_Games_Newsletter_90&utm_medium=email

Thommy H:

Yep, there’s some concept art for vehicles floating around somewhere. The big thing seems to be them doing “not-Squats” with Space Dwarfs of a similar design to their fantasy Dwarfs.


Ah, viva la Squats!

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The Chaos/Thundercats/orky vehicule is a little weirdo, but I like the 4 legged walker.



I suspect that in the short term they will use their elves, dwarfs and orc sprues as the basis for their Warpath range.

Makes sense really.


I am very excited about this and look forward to more squat sorry space dwarfs.

mantic continue to impress.



I’ve had this up on space dwarves online for a while now. Personly I don’t think Ronnie and the mantic gang will run boxes of kings of war models with metal or resin components. I think they are more likely to push out far mote generic fantasy races but with a sci fi twist. I likely guess these first 2 forces to be developed as in dwarves and orcs, popping them in a mantic game box with a whole bunch of d6 dice and having there own sprues as I can see them being heavily criticised for giving fantasy models sci fi guns.


Sample Rules

In there I spy more than the occasional squat looking man!


This is indeed interesting. I look forward to seeing Mantics figures for this range. The sketches in the ruleset look great. I think that Mantic’s Dwarf range definately look good in the “space setting”, I would say more so than in a “fantasy setting”. The weapon designs look good. Even the space orcs looks really nice.

Thanks for sharing this new with us.

I didn’t know these rules were written by Alessio Cavatore. Very interesting.