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Does anyone have a link that the could post to a nice Dark Lands map as I cannot find one, well one that isnt such a tiny resolution!

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Thommy H:

Here you go:

You’ll see it’s not perfect - some of the words get cut off, etc. That’s because it’s actually cropped from a larger map from around 4th or 5th Edition.


This is the larger map:


I did a modified version of the top map on Hand of Hashut showing where our enemies were surrounding us, but someone seems to have deleted it ;(

As its vaguely on topic, what would you change about that map?  Certain things we can’t change (Zharr Naggrund, Daemon’s Stump, Uzkulak, Sentinels, Plain of Zharr, Zorn Uzkul, Plain of Bones etc).

I would shunt the Tower of Gorgoth up to where the gate is and forget about everything below that on the south west.  I’d also build more cities and rocky areas generally.  Around the Black Fortress I would have a large forest of daemonic/ dead trees (and treemen).


Thanks everyone.


Whats the flayed rock ?


Whats the flayed rock ?

This is something I wrote describing it - the core of the story is canon, at least.
Flayed Rock
The rivers of the Darklands are few and often far-between, but one river that flows sluggishly round the blighted lands is well known - Zhufzan. Beginning where the River Ruin flows past the grotesque obelisk known simply as Flayed Rock, this rust-hue river of blood and industrial run-off flows onward for several miles before thinning out into the merely unpleasant Mourning River.

The aforesaid obelisk is a great, angular monument to the cruelty and sadism of the Dawi Zharr. Towering above the blood-soaked ground, Flayed Rock has its origins long ago, during a great slave uprising. Led by the insane priest known only as Grimdol, the vast majority of human slaves (shortly joined by the greenskin ones, as they enjoy a good ruck no matter the reason) in the nearby Black Fortress rose up in rebellion. Such a vast numbers would surely have overrun the Chaos Dwarf positions had a band of Maneaters from the nearby Ogre Kingdoms not intervened and cut a swathe through the slave ranks, earning not only a place as guards in the Black Fortress, but a good deal of gold.

As a warning to the survivors and those who would succeed them in slavery, the dead slaves were skinned, their stinking and bloody hides stitched together in a fleshy covering for a monument carved with the bare hands of the survivors.

Carved with dark runes of preservation and blood, this sanguine monstrosity arcs into the sky, drawing to it all kinds of carrion to peck at the ever-renewing flesh and sup from the ever-dripping blood that flows on into the nearby river.