[Archive] Marauder Minis to buy


Ok so looking over my army I think that it’s plain to me that I really want to start version 2. Over the years after drooling over the Marauder line of minis I’m finally taking the plunge.

What I’m looking for is almost every chaos dwarf of the marauder line: MM90 - Chaos Dwarves

I’m not too worried about shields, more so the minis. Duplicates are fine.

I have $/£ to pay for them or I might be willing to work a trade as I have a ton of old school stuff for dark elves, wood elves, dragons, 3rd edition bretonnian, etc. miniature, old school Glofags ogres, etc many of them from the 3rd edition days. Do if we can work out the particulars let me know via PM. If the right deal can be worked out I’d trade almost anything dark elf or Bret related as I have t played either for years. I’ve even got 30 zombies plastic (all converted), and enough high elves to easily form a 3000ish point force.

I’m guessing that some of the UK members probably have some squirreled away. In the US (at least where I lived) Marauder minis were plentiful, but the chaos dwarf lines were not.