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[align=center]Hy every one, here is my blog!

For those who undersatnd french, you have many battle report.

For others, the first article is about my chaos dwarf army,

let your comments over here!!! :hat off[/align]


I like your army alot. The mix of the older chaos dwarves and the newer conversions blend quite nicely. Love your K’daii!!

Too bad I am not good in french, been over 20 years since I took it in school.


I really like the way you did the destroyer; where did the alter come from?


Thanx for the comments ^^

Well, i used a lot of different minis to build my army:

-The sorcerer prophet on great taurus is from scibor miniature

-His apprentice is a rackham character

-The dark castellan in the infernal guard unit come from avatar of war

-Plenty of mantic games abyssal dwarfs, mixed with plastic and metal GW chaos dwarf

-Common Game Workshop night goblins and wolf raiders

-K’daai destroyer from D&D (huge fire elemental)

-Hellcannon from GW

-Magma cannon from scotia&grendel (more precisly: grendel, warmachines)

-The demonic altar is also from grendel