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Well I’m diving in and creating my first army painting log As of now this is my CD army, much of which is unpainted/primed. I know it isn’t much to look at now but gotta start somewhere. I’m going for a white armor color scheme on the dwarves and blueish skin. My goal is to have the army painted by the start of fall semester at the end of August Updates coming soon and regularly…hopefully.

My block of Infernal Guard(half basecoats and half unprimed)

A few unit fillers I came up with for the IG

Command Group

From grey to basecoated to 80%

My Destroyer model (much greenstuffing to come)

The Bull centaur

My castellan BSB


A few fireborne


The hobgoblin archers (ignore the color scheme of the second pic)

Quick question though is how to have the pics show up in the thread and not as a link. Thanks


You can use the img tags like so:

This results in the following:

So you basicly put your image link between the img tags.


Please do, a plog with only links won`t gain you happy spectators. Good start, keep on painting!


Thanks! Pics fixed

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Fuggit Khan:

You’ve got a good healthy start there with your army…and I really like your ‘unit fillers’, especially the CD with the pistol aimed at the slave.

Kera foehunter:

you have a great start for a cool army !! now get to painting…

Funny i heard that somewhere before lol


I have a small update. Just a few cannon crew that I got painted up but it gives you an idea of the skin color I’m going for as well as another look at the armor. Thanks for the encouragement!


Nice skin color, I like it. Good job so far!!


Looking pretty good. On a quick count, thats gotta be a “naked” minimum of 2400 pts if not more.

Goltor Lintrepide:

I love the unit fillers so much! The bull centaurs are really cool too. The Maulerfiend Destroyer is starting to be a bit mainstream, but the model is so nice.


I bought the army to fit my 2500 pt list but of course have some extras :wink: I loved a destroyer in the GH competition I saw using the maulerfiend and knew I had to use it even if its been done before. Working on the IG now and will hopefully have them done soon (with some war machines thrown in for good measure).