[Archive] Maul's Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines (pic heavy)


Pyro requested a few pictures of my favorite 40k army, so here they are. I must admit that I did not paint all of it. My wife assisted me considerably. If it was particularly technically challenging she painted it. She has not painted for some time, but she is d%$^ good at it.

With out further ado. Here army heavy tanks.


Here are the troop transporters, the Rhino tanks

The Demon Prince (all my wife’s doing)



And for the troops:

Chaos Lord

Aspiring Champions


Some Chaos Space Marines

2000 pts on the board

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow, some very cool stuff there! I’m no so sure about the slave girls on the bulldozer blades (particularly their keeping balance during the ride ;)) but the tank decorations and the dragon pieces go nicely with the IW theme.

Pyro Stick:

Some of those dragon pieces are dark elf man o war bits arent they? They add an interesting touch to the army and they make those old style tanks more interesting (i never liked those old style of tanks). Thanks for the close ups. My IW’s are going to be made up of the newer chaos sapce marine bits so its going to look slightly different to yours. I really like the lord though. Thats my favourite IW’s helmet and im envious of your obliterators. I have 2 myself but i bought them both on ebay and both sellers failed to mention that they were part converted so neither of them had original weapons and only one had an original head…

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Cool army as a IW player myself I too love to personalise each unit and I think you did that perfectly especally the halbard warriors

Kera foehunter:

looks great !! maul where did you get the dragon skulls ??

in the first picture

Pyro Stick:

looks great !! maul where did you get the dragon skulls ??
in the first picture

Kera foehunter
I know at least one of them is from a dark elf man o war ship


Some of those dragon pieces are dark elf man o war bits arent they?

Pyro Stick
The defiler I believe was a reaper bit. (I think that is where I got it)
The basilisk was a chaos dragon.
The skull on the vindicator I got from a convention where the GW guys were. It was a bit on the wall and I ordered it. If it is man of war then that is news to me. I added tyranid bits to beef it up and the back.
I only posted the painted stuff, a Landraider, predator, Rhino and a basilisk are still unpainted and I have an area of my bits box full of dragon heads and skulls for them someday.

The army is a lot older. I was finishing it when the new rhino tank line came out. Just to make Pyro jealous, I actually have 4 obliterators, I just forgot to take one out of the box.

About 6 months ago I bought an old GW plastic dragon, ripped his wings off and will make him into a greater demon. I am planning on using saurs models stripped of the lizardman iconography for my general demons. I never got back around to finishing this stuff, but next time I take up 40K maybe I will.

Pyro Stick:



I knew that piece was a GW piece, but I never knew where it came from. It is good to know.


Great looking army. Fun and effective conversions and the flare of red and M1 rhinos give it a nice old school vibe. Congrats (to you and your wife)