[Archive] Me, and my crazy ideas


Hello, freinds, slavelords, snaggle-tooths and dreadbeards

I only just joined in, having found this website devouted to some of my favourite things: All-conversion armies, and Chaos.

Having only just put some of the last touches on my Hordes of Chaos (soon to be Hordes with added beastmen), I turned to my old idea of chaos dwarfs.

Now I’m just starting on the first few of my dwarves, from the few models i have left from earlier conversions.

First up on the list: A chaos Dwarf hero and a Deathrocket!

Made from: King Alarik (or whoever) (that dwarf carried on the shield)

Pictures as soon as the dust settles and the glue dries, but before that, I can give a few ideas on how I’ll be doing them!

Hero: I’m going to take the wings off his helmet and replace them with some horns from my Chaos Warriors. His axe will be clipped off and replaces with some large (probably Archaon’s) sword, with some added decorations. If all goes to plan, his bear should look chaosy enough to not need any sculpting.

Rocket: The shieldbearers both have a nice “shoulder-mount” look to them. My idea was to add a firing tube for one, and a rocket for the other to carry. My best bet is to use 40k rocket launchers (with all the wires and such filed away) and then 40k Ork or Imprial rockets.

These are just my ideas on playing around with some bits, I hope you can give me some feedback on them. Pictures coming soon, as well as more Dwarven goodness by the will of the Bullfather!

In planning stages: Great Taurus, Warriors.

Hoping to hear from you all soon!


For now, this topic belongs in the Hobby Ideas section. :slight_smile:

Sounds promising, we’d love to see some pics of previous work, in the mean time!


Sounds promising, we'd love to see some pics of previous work, in the mean time!

Ask and I shall deliver. Sorry for the picture quality, my camera is a bit on the so-so side.

Here is my most recent compleated bigger project, my Chaos Lord
Built out of: Archaon on Foot, Sauron,wolf heads from the plasic Orc warboss,some marauder and Warrior bits.


Cool stuff. :slight_smile:

Love that axe.