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hello fellow dawi-zharr

I am Chaos-Thane Will

I led a migthy dwarf force from half 7th ed. till now.

I am driven into the Wastes bound by my slayer oath. There is where i met the chaos dwarves. My clan has always denied such things as dwarves led by the ruinous powers. But they exists. Now i met the chaos cults. And i have a certain “interest” in the cults of Tzeentch and Nurgle.

I am planning to buy Chaos dwarf mini’s and use them as WoC things.

But before i buy i have 2 things to discuss

1 Are the models i’ll be going to use what do you think of what i have so far:

Warriors: Forgeworld Chaos-Dwarfs

Maruarders: Avatars of War Slayers

Hellcannon: Hellcannon :stuck_out_tongue:

Cavalry Warriors & maruarders & characters: ?need you’re oppinnion?

Ogres, Trolls, Dragon ogres, saggoths, spawn, giants: GW things, converted to my armystyle.

Chariots: ?need you’re oppinion?

Unmounted heroes/lords: Conversions on GW or AoW heroes.

Dragons: GW Lamasu

Warhounds: Warhounds

Chosen: See 1 + conversions

I belive i have had everything here. If not please tell :slight_smile:

2 Ok i like it very much to be WYSIWYG so i need to know what are the best Eq for the guys i need to be using most…and i don’t know wich…

I am not so sure if you could help me with the WoC tactics…but maybe with the modelling…

:hat off cheerz, Chaos-ThaneWill

PS: here are some brewery members, please don’t ploil my plans there i want to keep it silent till i get this project on the run.

Golder Goldeater:

Hellow Thane Will!

I am Goldo in case you haven’t realized that by now!:slight_smile:
Good to see you joining the dark side! MUAHAHAHA!

I am surprised you are able to afford buying the FW Chaos Dwarfs but I am huppy to hear it.
You are a good enough painter to produce a grate army!

Now onto your count-as models;

Cavalry  Warriors & maruarders & characters: Bull Centaurs of course!
You can buy em from mantic or make some conversion out of grudge ponies and regular horses.
(I have seen some conversions with chaos steeds and black orc torsos that are just impressive.)
The marauder horsemen could be half bull-half slayers.

And for chariots here is what I made!

Of course, you could make a daemonic spider drawn cart.
Or a portable mini forge as a war shrine.
Or a regular shrine of Hashut.

Hope I helped:hat off


Hahaha, got precise the same comment about centaurs @ WoC forum.

but he refered to hobby-wolfriders for maraurder horsemen.

I actually can’t affort the FW dwarfs so it’ll be a LONG-dreaded project. the rest seems affortable. i also try to find non- GW models but i can only use: GW, FW, Mantic & AoW. i convinced mom that they where all part of GW (once :stuck_out_tongue: ) but not with other sellers :frowning:

I also don’t want to offend you’re modelling skills but i think a normal deathroller would do better. :wink:

Cheer :s


Hmmm! “Thane Will” sounds like a spy to me. I’ll be keeping my eye on you.

Good luck with your army. Goldo seems to think your pretty handy with making and painting an stuff.

All ideas seem workable.

As for chariots, just a couple of warhounds or something else you like, pulling something along as the chariot.


Haha, you migth not know but goldo is one of the most respected members on Bugmans brewery.:cheers

I know becose i’m not :mad


I really like where you are going with this, the conversion is pretty cool. :slight_smile:

Keep it up, and I hope the WoC give you some fun rules and opportunities to not only play the game, but come up with cool stuff to build and paint! You’ll have to post battle reps too please.


Well i have no models jet, nor the armybook, nor the modey… migth take a while…


Haha, you migth not know but goldo is one of the most respected members on Bugmans brewery.:cheers
I know becose i'm not :mad

Nah, I know Nuthing! Nuthing! dont do many other forums tried to join Bugmans last year but the registration kept failing. Maybe it was my choice of name "SpyCD". I think I'll try again


Ok, it looks like my feelings went to a box 'o Ogres 1 I’ll be using for my Skaven, 2 I’ll be using for Normal dwarves. And 3 for my WoC-CD army. Update coming soon.