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Meat’s Feat

The year when lava fissures burnt eight thousand green slave feet.

one Cathayan slave found gems in a coal mine cleat.

Harried Li-Wan was enslaved at grand host’s crushing defeat,

he failed to run away since man was no athlete.

As befitted lowly slave hobgoblins did him brutally beat,

in the coal mine he survived on rotting vermin meat.

Glinting among blackest coal the gems did Li-Wan’s eyes greet,

cunningly he then the gems did hide away most neat.

Li-Wan knew overseers him for his find as dirt would treat,

so he thought to hierarchy outwit and cheat.

Prophet Drazhoath for inspections flew out from Ashstreet,

in coal mine he on Cinderbreath still had his seat.

Slaveman then crushed through the guards in a desperate feat,

Li-Wan did hope to placate the chaos dwarf elite.

Harried Li-Wan bowed and presented hands with gems so sweet,

hoping Drazhoath his wishes for a release would meet.

Grateful to the slave kneeling in Bale Taurus breath’s heat,

Prophet declared slaveman to be his next meal to eat.

- Chaos Dwarf children rhyme song


Oh what a poor guy. Shit happens.

Reminds of the citation from King Einon played by David Thewlis in Dragonheart: "I've always said death is a release, not a punishment!"

Really notable how much stuff you put on here in such a short time Admiral. Respect!

Thanks! Shit happens indeed. Good quote, it's especially true for the slaves of CDs. :yar

As for the output it comes down to four things. First I had a time of temporary unemployment which allowed me to sculpt the heads full-time as if it was a real job.

Reason number two is great feedback on this site and from friends of mine. That keeps the steam up I can tell ya!

Three, I had a lot of stuff lying about unphotographed before I got ahold of a good camera, so that made it all be posted in a big lump.

4) Then these rhymes-a-bob-songs is easy to make. You just make a list of any rhyming words you can remember and google a few more. The contents of the list gives a clue what you can do with the words. After that you just sit and play porridge poet for an hour or more and let the story grow by its own ackord.

Try it if you like. :cheers