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So to the request of many of you who have been curious about my bolt throwers here are some pics and a list of parts I used to make them.

Here are the parts:

Dwarf Miners drill, keg, plunger, and cart(it’s cut in half with no top), empire spear tip, thick metal wire, dwarf standard tops, bit od plastic sprue, and plastic rod.

Hope this helps you aspiring to build these.


Thats a really neat custom job there. I love the way you gave them a mechanical feel.

I have two bolt throwers for my own vanilla stunties army and have wanted to get my hands on at least two more. A couple of these might fit in perfectly!


Great work they look ace, what a great use for the Dwarf Miners drill by far the best use i have seen for it :slight_smile:


They look great! Can you post a picture of them /w the crewmen?


Those are pretty snazzy :slight_smile:

Hmmmmm I have all the parts needed to make about 4 of those… tempting


Definately a very nice take on the mechanical aspects of chaos dwarf warmachines. Now i get to gleen a few more ideas for my seemingly dormant chaos dwarfs.


I just finished clipping everything I need to make two of my own. I figured I’d point out a couple of things I found while I was at it. 1. There is a second “Face” banner that comes with the Miner’s sprue that should work just like the face bolt thrower pictured above. 2. The Dwarf arms holding the banner like it will work nicely for a crewman if you attach a spearhead to it. and 3. The Empire State Troopps sprue comes with 4 spearheads each that will make perfect spearheads for these bolt throwers without any trimming of other adjustments.

Again, great customs Dino!


I just finished putting together two of my own.  I even took the time to take some pictures while I was at it so I could throw together a quick tutorial for anyone who is interested.  Enjoy! :hat off

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>claps his hands together in fiendish delight< Dino, you are a star! those are perfect inspiration for me. Thanks for putting these up!


I usually don’t like the bolt throwers made from the miner drill, but I like the new creativity you put into it, and they look great!

I think it would be perfect for a Dwarfs army… but it doesn’t seem very Chaos Dwarf. It’s probably just the icons… but they really look extremely “good” Dwarfs. Maybe if they had a darker color scheme it would appear more Chaos…

are these for CDs or Dwarfs?

Kera foehunter:

Dino !!! wow besides being a great painter you also can come up with a great project too

love this idea