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Kera foehunter:

Well instead of a hook on one of my pirates i want to do a mechanical

hand . kinda slighy bigger than the scale butnot some monstrous hand

any idea will be welcome:hat off


I think you’re really trying to get a cool prosthetic to cover up the loss of your real hand in an unfortunate 49ing accident sustained at the Feast of Beltaine, but alas, I take pity upon thee and bestow upon you the gift of an idea:


Thus spake the wise man.

Kera foehunter:

the video don’t work in this country it says!!!

Im looking along the line of the old dwarf engineer

but can’t fine a picture anywhere of him


The new Imperial Guard Command Sprue has a “Power Fist” that unlike previous versions just looks like a slightly larger mechanical hand.


You find a “mechaical hand” in both the Cadian and Catachan Command Box set. Best one is the Catachan (IMO).

Btw: Burlock Damminson is still available at GW Online Store - old, but affordable :wink:


Are your army CD or orks?

I do remember quite weel a old mini of a captain pirates ork quite little


This was a 40K miniatures but look quite old scool to me.


Burlock is so cool I’ll have to get him one day.

Anyone got any pics of these IG hands they sound like they may be good for my WOC

Kera foehunter:

Yes !!! that the model Snow blizz thanks

could you post me a imperial guard hand some one PLEASE!!!

i have a hard time with the gw site !!


Best source is WD £353 - but you can see the bitz for the IG Catachan here (#33)

Source: Warseer

Not the best picture - I know but you’ll get an idea what it looks like.


Kera, you looking to sculpt a mechanical or transplant one from another model?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Nice find GRNDL! :slight_smile: I always thought that Ash’s Goetz Hand is kinda cool.

@Kera: I’d suggest an ork nob power klaw. Looks suitable brutal and mechanical. A normal sized mechanical hand would not stand out and be less interesting than a hook because everyone would expect it to be a regular chain or plate glove.


Thanks Ishkur. After Kera’s initial griping about the link, I thought all hope was lost, but so long as ONE person could see it, my work was done. I suppose that after all this hindsight, it wasn’t much of a serious suggest anyway. But after that, who wouldn’t want a mechanical hand?

Sign me up! I’ll be crushing goblets in no time. GROOOVY!

Kera foehunter:


@ apocalypstia well my atemps od making it is way to big so i might have to find one.

@ ish that a cool hand

but im not giving up


i know gw has a vast variety of armored gauntlets and such, some of which may tip the scale of what your really looking to do. I can edit later with some pics and scale references. The catachan bit 33, would be the closest to in scale-ish. And there are other manufacturors out there that might help.

Additionally though, you could locate the oversized an oversized hand that you like, then gubbinz’ it up for steampunk mechanics/robotics. Maybe some clockwork style gears on the knuckle joints, other misc. cogs, rivits and lines.

The ork nob power claw as linked earlier… is prolly close to the size of an entire dwarf. But could look pretty nice, the power fists and such from the 40k range are a liitle smaller but still pretty massive for a dwarf.

so its really up to what look your really going for so:

* using the claw like hand could be fun for a nautical pirate them

* the brownish hand/arm is from a old necromenda minature

* the silver hand/arm is from a pewter 40k minature

* the grey hand/arm is a plastic version of the previous hand

* the dwarf in the lower right is long drong, from gw’s long drongs slayers - slayer pirates in case you didnt know.

Kera foehunter:

THANKS but i was trying to keep it smaller !!

i love how you did this for me ( slaves )

now i like the claw i just need to scale it down

thanks apocal

Hashut’s Blessing:

Have a look at the hand of the Iron Warriors Warsmith. That should help for ideas. There is a “goody” soace marine chapter or unit that has a lot of prosthetics and I think one of those has a decent one. I believe a new IG standard bearer has one too…

Kera foehunter:

Thanks i h b look that up .

Hashut’s Blessing:

Not a problem. I have very vague recollections of other models, but I can;t recall them well enough (at the moment) to be of any use with them. Also, sorry I couldn’t recall the name of the SM chapter. it might be something like Steel Legion. Steel Brothers? Something similar.