[Archive] Medal question?


If silver is 2000 points. How many points is gold because I think I’ve got it (if it is less than 5K)?

Just curious…


Lord Archaon:

For The Gold Medal you should have 4k of troops.

:hat off

Pyro Stick:

4000 points of PAINTED chaos dwarfs. If it included unpainted models i would probably have a 5000 point medal already.


Yup… Painted… Cool… I’ll have piccies up within the few weeks…

Thanks guys (and gals)!


Hashut’s Blessing:

4k painted and posted. If you post your units into a blog or showcase thread, it’s easier for us to check :wink: Also, if you then post the same pics into the galleries, you should easily get a gallery medal (like my bronze one).


Hmm, I thought you had to be nominated for a medal. If not, I’d like one too for my 2000 points painted 3rd edition army. :wink:


Hmmmh …

4000 Pts only with Troopers and warmachines or incl Heroes?

With Heroes I,ve about 4000 Pts, without about 2000-3000 Pts!


Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s has to be a legal list of 1,00 points, 2,000 points or 4,000 points for Bronze, Silver and Gold, respectively. Unless I’ve made a mistake (been busy of late lol).

Obsidian, if you link me and post a list for your army, that’d be most useful.

Zanko, same for you.

It is only the end of year medals that you need be nominated for. The other ones, the Admin and mods will occassionally realise and give, but otherwise, it;s best to send a PM. Willmark and myself are on 24/7 combined, near enough, but the other staff are also very active when they can be.


You mean a link to the showcase topic or an actuall armylist?


Needs to posted somewhere so we can verify the photos just send one us fur link

Pyro is correct painted is the key; HB is also correct a legal army list too.

I imagine we will have some posts about medals in the not too distant future.

Kera foehunter:

the gal said your welcome!! and i did not do a thing this is great!!


Needs to posted somewhere so we can verify the photos just send one us fur link




All set but it looks like one of the other Staffers beat me to it, looks like it was HB.


the gal said your welcome!!  and i did not do a thing this is great!!

Kera foehunter
make that 2 gals ;)

you're welcome skabrad :P

if you've got the army, we want to see it posted so get your pics up!


Right, I see skabradisdead got the medal. Is that a mistake as that was the link to my army?! :rolleyes:


So I have to get cracking and get my 3k list to 4k.

More Blunderbusses - I have at least another unit of 21 to paint (I think I have even more something like 80 have to recount) so that’s 250.

Lord on Taurus - what’s that around 500.

Unit of Warriors - That may be a problem, I’m not sure how many more Big Hat guys I have.

Need more Bolt Throwers - wonder if I can make the O&G version fit the army.

DO I have another Earth Shaker or Death Rocket. Hmm the Helstorm might work with a Chaos Dwarf Crew.

Oh Yea, Bull Centaurs, I know I have some of them.

I think I may need Wolf Riders, I think having them be White Wolves would fit my winter army nicely.

Damn, lots of stuff to do.


Obsidian PM sent.

This message was automatically appended because it was too short.


Really, don’t have anything in my box! :wink:


Try clearing your cache. It shows that you have a silver…

Unless you are going to gold and have 4,000 points painted?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I see a silver for you, Obsidian…