[Archive] Merry Chrismas

Kera foehunter:

I hope all of you have a nice Christmass here at the Cdo

and I hope you all get something Great From Hashut

well at least you Naughty Chaos Dwarfs



And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours as well Kera! :smiley: oh, and it’s great seeing you back here :wink:


Meryy xmas to those who do that kind of thing. And a happy new year to those who use the Gregorian calendar.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays everybody!

(And I agree with clam, great to see you posting again Kera! :))


Same here everyone, it’s been a busy year for me personally so I look forward to being on more next year.


At us in Russia today usual day) We celebrate Christmas on January, 7th. But I want to congratulate Catholics and Protestants on the Holiday! Happiness and health!


Might I wish everyone many happy painting hours and a recession free 2012.

Or if you are ore of a Christmas purist: Happy baby jesus birthday and may all non believers burn for an entirety in hell and all that happy stuff (:


Merry Christmas to all, hoping to get some Chaos Dwarfs ;D

(It would be more merry for me if I didn’t have flu DX)


Merry christmas everyone!

May all your beards be curly!


Merry christmas to all!

Don’t forget…christmas begins with drinking the whisky you left out for santa…


Mince pies and carrot left out, stockings hung up, hyper kids gone to bed, santa’s on his way…time to put feet up and relax with a bottle or 3 of beer! Merry Xmas everyone hope you all have a great one! All the best!!


Shakin’ Stephens never said: ‘Rain is falling all around me, children playing having fun’

Merry Christmas and happy wargaming for the new year. May Hashut’s blessing be with you!


Merry Christmas all, great to see you back, Kera :cheers


Welcome back Kera! And ofcourse merry xmas to you all!


Shakin' Stephens never said: 'Rain is falling all around me, children playing having fun'
Merry Christmas and happy wargaming for the new year. May Hashut's blessing be with you!

LOL, I'm guessing Hashut's Blessing will be with his girlfriend and family :hat off

Best of the season to all! This year I'm hoping for a new whip and some kind of a nod of acknowledgement from the High Priests of Hashut for all my toiling in service of the Dark Father ;P



Well, so far i’m celebrating Xmas day by watching my present (Lord of the Rings director’s cut on blu-ray) and drinking Kahlua.

Boxing Day i’ll be lining my Chaos Dwarfs up against New Zealand’s number one ranked player, which probably won’t be so relaxing. :slight_smile:

Pity we’ve had some major aftershocks in my hometown recently which has probably ruined Christmas for a lot of people. Stupid earthquakes.


Merry Christmas everyone!


Merry Christmas to everyone!

I wish you a good, peaceful and thoughtful time!



Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas.

May your beards never grow thin.


Happy Hogswatch to you all.

May you all find your stockings full of all that you wished for.

Have fun