[Archive] Metal Chaos Dwarfs


Having toyed with the idea before of using Iron Breakers as Immortals, I was looking through a GW Catalogue when I spotted/remembered The Cursed Company.


Notice the Undead Dwarf with a full suit of armour. Not a bad looking model! The fact that he has no beard should make converting him to a Chaos Dwarf very easy: just add a GS one. To be an Immortal he’d have to lose the hammer for an axe, but I think it could work.

Still a bit out of my price range, but it seems like a cool idea, so I thought I’d share it.


I don’t know if the styles would mesh, really. I mean, it’d make a pretty good 3rd Ed CD, but you don’t need them to have curly beards, so what’s the point?


It would work, and would be easier than trying to remove the beards of regular ironbreakers,which can be a pain.

Styro- why don’t you need them to have beards?


I’ve got a few of those undead dwarf models, I might do something with them.

I only just remembered having them now thanks to your thread.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I would do this, but I REALLY don’t like units of one pose models. Need a plastic version, he he he. I know a lot of people are against plastic, but for someone that purely cuts and glues for conversions, it’s a Godsend.


No, I’m saying, the options are a) curly beards or b)non-curly beards. In my humble opinion, the Iron breaker style wouldn’t work too well with the curly beards. And if you’re going for Non-curly beards, there’s no reason not to get a Normal ironbreaker.


One pose? Heh, not likely. Metal arms are easy to mess with. Plus a unique beard for each guy…