[Archive] Metal models, tabs or not?


If you’re buying metal models from a company, do you normally (or prefer) to have tabs running under their feet to go into slottabases, or just flat under the feet onto a flat base?

Also, say you’re buying casts from an individual (i.e. not a professional company) would you expect to have bases included or not?

If so, where do people get all these GW style bases from, or do they just supply them with GW ones?

Fuggit Khan:

For metal models I prefer the tabs, going into a slottabase…it may just be old fashioned nostalgia on my part, but it seems that’s the way they “should” be. In more common sense, the weight of the model seems more balanced that way as well, not so top heavy and easier to glue them down for a solid reinforced model.

As for the bases themselves, I would imagine newer players to expect a base included…old timers such as myself usually don’t care as we have handfuls of bases laying about. There are plenty of cheap Chinese companies on Ebay that sell all base sizes cheap, and honestly, they are of better quality than the GW ones.


Tabs. My experience is that they break off to easily without. If there is no tab, I always pin them. You can still make a cool scenic base around that tab.

I don’t expect bases when buying used minis.

Where do I get extra bases from? A lot of GW kits has included way too many bases, or I bought some kits just for the bits (skeletons for example). After 14 years in this hobby I have 2 litres of extra bases.

In my local hobby store Dragons Lair they also sell extra bases pretty cheap.

This is all for inf and cab. All those modern monster \ war machine bases is harder to come buy.


I say with tabs, that way the models stick a lot better on the base.


I always cut off the tabs so that I’m not restricted in how I can place the model on it’s base.

As for including bases or not; it’s no deal breaker for me if none are included, but I can imagine it can be slightly annoying if you don’t have any spare and have to do a second purchase somewhere in order to field your new model.

Having said that, if you don’t included bases it should say so clearly upfront and it’ll be okay I think.


I`m with JMR on the bases not being supplied - could be annoying, but if it is written on the auction/webstore then its not a problem what so ever.

And I am all for tabs!:slight_smile:


I really like having the tab there so I at least have the option. Usually I keep them, or might trim/taper the outside edges to hide them a little better. Only in a few instances do I clip away the tab and pin or magnetize models, and these are usually for specific purposes like going onto scenery or other locations like warmachines, etc.



I like the tabs, keeps them more securely attached to the base. Non-GW shops sell bags of generic 20mm and 25mm bases that look identical to GW slottabases.


I always remove the tabs, as my models go all over their bases.

With Soulassassin and JMR on the bases: it’s fine not to include them as long as it’s clear that the model doesn’t come with a base.


With tabs! I drop everything and thanx to the tap at least the base doesnt also break off.

If I buy models, doent matter if its from GW, Ebay or someone garage I expect bases, I always have more models than bases so if I buy a new model I need a base for it. There are a of 3rd party companies that make 20, 25 and all the otter mm bases, If bought bags full on ebay but I know for sure that if you find the direct source the are dead cheap if you buy enough.

(oh and on a side note, if you would sell say your own models, i would not sell them with GW bases as they say copyright GW on the bottom and I would not want that id the copyright wasnt GW)

Good luck (:


I prefer tabs regardless if they limit the placement of the model on the base. Adding the extra weight and anchor of the tab, those pesky top heavy models can stand upright!

Finally an update, good work so far!