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Well, after a mild break in the game, (10 years)

last year i decided to come back and play warhammer again.

Since then, i played in only 1 RTT, and finished 1 win 2 losses last october, (my first month back).

since then my chaos dwarves have been in spring training, i got in touch with my old gaming buddies from my Grand Tourny days, (baltimore 99-00), in preperation to get back into some  “proper” GTs.

fortunatly my friends are pretty good, (2 members of the famed page 5 crew)

i’ve been whipped into shape in 6 months.

So the first Tournys on the agenda, is a RTT at a local gameshop, next weekend which allows special characters, (which i may or may not attend, as in t.wiatt usually stops by to win the prize credit, and the Indy GTs dont allow special characters anyway, so its not really a warm-up)

i found, since my return, i learn more with my local club, as they test for GTs as well, rather burn up my game time to play local players who may or may not know the rules…

the first Indy GT this season i am going to is this one

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the restictions work in favor of the chaos dwarves, and out of 50 players, i am the only chaos dwarf player.

the restrictions allow for a great varitey of armies


1 chaos dwarf

1 skaven

2 tomb kings

3 orcs and goblins

4 lizardmen

5 empire

3 brettonia

1 daemons of chaos

7 warriors of chaos

3 high elves

3 dwarves

1 vampire count

3 ogre kingdoms

1 beastmen

2 wood elves

4 dark elves

two to four - page 5 members will be there, along with Logan Rook, a old/retired GT legend on the east coast, so its a pretty good field, for the mid atlantic. (washington D.C)

i will be riding up with jason, the night before to stay at robs house (both page 5) Jason is play warriors, (gateway) rob is playing beastmen. as i am just getting back into the tourny scene, i hadnt met rob before, but his seasonal get togethers at his house bring some of the best players of the U.S.A including Warmongers from N.Y.C, Big al (winner of the Necro in florida and the chicago GT winner) and Jordan Braun from texas, (winner of a whole bunch of GTs)

so a mid-sized GT is perfect for me to start off, hopfully i can do some damage for CDO.

army list and test games to follow…


well here is my army list.

Cd lord w/ great taurus, black hammer, and armour of furnace

lvl 2 with black gem

lvl 2 with 2 diespel scrolls

lvl 2 with chalice of darkness

2x bolt throwers

2x bolt throwers

15 blunderbusses

15 blunderbusses

18 chaos dwarf warriors hnd weapon/shield, fc

19 chaos dwarf warriors hnd weapon/shield, fc, war banner

7 bull centaurs w/ champion

1 earth shaker

10 wolf riders naked

10 hobgoblin archers

10 hobgoblin archers

standard procedure so far for this army is to perform as a gunline, and punish the opponent on their way in with magic and shooting.

and in desperation make the foe close into unfavorable matchups, "freeze their big hitters (black gem) and combat rez them out. my fast elements will kill their support units… (i hope…) and if things like the hydra, bloodthirster, steamtank, hang back then 4 bolt throwers will force them to engage.

test game 1

vs Todd wiatt (warriors of chaos, gateway)

well, todd set-up with 2 chariots, a hell cannon, 2 10 man units of warriors(slannesh) 2 units of slaneesh fast cav, 3 tzeench wizards (1 on disc, 2 on horse) 2 units of 5 hounds, and a spawn.

this is the army he designed for the Necro, later this year, (rather than his VC, he just got second with at the brawler’s bash)

todd won first turn, and manuvered some troops forward, his 3 wizards flickering fired, the bull centaurs to death, and then pasted the turn.

my artillery was great, smashing a chariot, killing a spawn and reducing the other chariot to 1 wound. the archers and blunderbusses shot at his fast elements, chasing the hounds away, reducing the mauarder units to 2 guys. (his knights and hell cannon were earth shook.) the rest of the battle we played grab ass, with none of our main elements getting into battle, he killed the wolfriders, all my artillery, and the bull centaurs.

i killed, all his maurader cav, both units of hounds, both chariots and his spawn.

we ended up with a draw. (not bad against one of the top 10 players in the U.S)

i kept him from casting gateway, and avoided the mistake of casting heavliy into the puppet, tongue combo… more later


For some reason I thought you sold off your CD army? Well, glad to see you’re back at it.:cheers


well, the tourny is over, and i finished 16th out of 48 players…


i played dwarves first, he had an aggressive dwarf force of 5 hand to hand units, the anvil, and an organ gun.

fortunately the terrain favored me, and a big channel was in the middle squezzing his troops in that direction.

needless to say after magic, boltthrowers and blunderbusses, with some eartshaker help, there was nothing left of the dwarf force. 20-0 victory.

game 2 found me on table 2 against a chaos gateway army. seeing how i practiced against this army alot, i liked my chances. i pinned his sorcerers on disks with the earth shaker. and combined fired on his knights and mauraders, wiping them out. his depleted knights bounced off off the chaos dwarves, and i won 12-8

game 3 found me on table 3, against a pretty good dark elf army. unfortuately it all when pear shaped early.

i miscasted 4 times in the first 2 turns, (not one against ring of hotek) and he had pretty amazing luck, (hitting and wounding on 10 out of 12 dark rider shots???) so i was way behind, i cast into the ring out of desperation, (got another miscast) and lost 6 -14. (bonus: at least i black gemed his hydra and ran it down… mwahahhahaha)

well entering the last game i was out of the running for the top, so i wanted at least to get into the top 15, with my underpowered list. i drew against high elves, which i liked my odds. this game i got outdeployed to a point, my earthshaker finally blew up, and his dragon princes and chariots were coming in fast. phoenix guard were potent, two direct blasts with blunderbussses managed to kill only 4 of them, and so i had a narrow lost… 8 -12

all and all, i had a great time, and not a bad finish for the tall hats in the top 3rd, the other two chaos dwarf players finished in the bottom third unfortunately 37th, 42nd.

going to meet with ALOT of multiple gt winners in a private bash of around 16 people on the 19th, so we will see what happens…