[Archive] Middle Earth/Wales


A little bit of middle earth in middle wales.
Was quite pleased to find this pub sign!

Link here:- The Forest Arms Hotel, Llanegwad, Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK - Pictorial Pub Signs on Waymarking.com


Oh lord it’s goldberry and a ent


I think I even spot the horn of Gondor in there!

Baraz Gorechain:

And one of the Nine! Oh, wait, that’s just a deer. My bad.


Awesome, we have a green dragon here in yeovil but its not as LOTR friendly as you would think :frowning:

richard barby:

law suit waiting to happen :slight_smile:

not from the tolken family but from the new zealand goverment stealing there tourisum :slight_smile:


Oh lord it's goldberry and a ent
I assume you mean Tom Bombadil? If that male fairy-dude is Goldberry, Bombadil is even more f***ed up than we thought...