[Archive] Might sell my classic army



Wondering what might be a good price and if people from this site are interested. :cheers



Are you leaving us or something? o_O

Pyro Stick:

Well if you have the full set of MM90’s then you can assume that its worth at least £200. I thought you had more models than whats pictured in that thread though. If you have just whats pictured there then i would say its worth about £300. I would be interested in the mage and mm90 crossbowman but ive got enough and i would probably be interested in a few of the citadel crossbowmen if they had their original crossbows and i had the money, but unfortunately i dont.


I might be interested in the Mage too back off Pyro! :wink:

Pyro Stick:

I might be interested in the Mage too back off Pyro! ;)

4 is enough for me lol. I wont be looking to buy a 5th mage for a long time.


Man, that is one awesome collection! You could just keep it… and then make a second army? It would be to bad to see them all scattered over the globe IMO, unless you can sell them as a whole to someone who cares I would not sell them :3 ( I’m gonna steal your third crewman idea for my own petard :3 )


Is this some kind of bad joke, Tim - if so, it’s not funny :wink:

- but if you Blunderbusses really need a new loving home - let’s talk.

And the Drum and Drone - is that the variant? - or just a damanged peice? Could use a original variant.

Kera foehunter:

I bet i know what it is !!! is it because there another mouth to feed ???

and if it not just pack them up for now !!


Hi guys,

Nope, not quitting at all but there are several reasons why I want to sell.

1. I hardly (never) use them anymore and would rather see them go to a good new home.

2. I need the money to invest in a project I am working on! :wink:

But one thing is ure for now, I want to sell the army as a whole and not broken up in parts. :slight_smile:

Anyone interested drop me a pm.


So anyone interested?!


So anyone interested?!

Hello :)

Im interested :) All Full Plate Warriors 2x Bazooka and Mortar ;) Whats prize?:)


Bumperty bump! :wink:

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Time of Madness:

Anyway you could throw a quick list together of what you have. Is it everything pictured in the link?

Time of Madness