[Archive] MIghty Putty


So, today i was at ACE, the hard ware store, and a found Mighty Putty. (Yes, the kind on TV). I’m testing it to see if it works well instead of Green Stuff. So far, it works well. 179g for $13. (GS= 100g, for $20) Im very satisfied with this, you should try it. (Ill update in a bit, when its done drying/ paint able!)


Likely its a very similar chemical composition as GS. GS is also known as plumber’s putty because it can be used to seal holes and cure underwater. Still at 179g for $13, you’re still wasting money compared to alternatives like AvesApoxie Sculpt, which you can get 4lbs for $50 Cdn… I’ve been using the pots I have for almost 4 years now and when I got it, it was half used. I have about 70% of it left…

People use GS for the qualities GS brings to sculpting, just as BS and Procreate or even Miliput. If Mighty Putty works for you, go for it, but I’d wager it has some real shortcomings. Probably in its granularity and consistency. Its a substance made for rough jobs and fixing things, not on holding detail or malleability.


I dont even need to prime it. The paint sticks on very well, but it dose have trouble ‘molding’ to what you want.