[Archive] Milliput ( Found it local)

Kera foehunter:

Well i been looking to try Milliput !!

today i found it at a place (Hobby Lobby)

so i want to tell some of the people in the states that hobby lobby carry’s it now !!! Cheep about 1/2 the price of green stuff 7.99

what a great day


Hobbytown USA has it too… though I find that the Terracotta stuff is difficult to work with. Very grainy and clay-like (I s’pose for good reason). I’ve managed to make ONE axe head with it using the Dremel method, and it doesn’t look TOO terrible.



Unless its Milliput FINE, its probably going to suck hairy goats. Regular Milliput is the pits, IMO. No matter how cheap it is.

Kera foehunter:

Hairy Goats?? i did not see that on the paperthat came with it!!! But you can fix car battery to a broken heart thow
@ Astranagant My poor hobby town usa closed
the next closes is 70 miles away


Milliput worked fine with me. It crumbles easy during the sculpting (so you have to keep it wet with water)… And it’s less sticky than greenstuff. I also found that once painted (with GW’s colors) it’s very easy to chip and scratch it. I usually pass a couple of layers of PVA glue to prevent this effect, or a dozen of black layers.

I usually use millipiut to sculpt terrain and bases, because it’s cheaper than greenstuff!


Interesting, I actually bought a stick from Maelstrom because I wanted to try it out, its not much cheaper than greenstuff really.

It was my understanding that it has a slightly different usage then greenstuff? I see people use it for a “base” quite often and then greenstuff detailing. Any of the sculpting experts confirm?


Terracota isn’t so bad, it was the first putty i worked with:


The stuff in the red box was awful. I only use it for making filler which I cover over with greenstuff since I want to use it up. The superfine just crumples or doesn’t set. I’ve tried mixing it in different quantities and that hasn’t helped at all.

Fimo or sculpy are much more useful if you want a cheaper alternative.

Kera foehunter:

it seem to be fine for me !!! i use it for filler for bigger project

and less details



Yep, goats. Hairy ones. Not a good thing. Anyhoo…


I swear by Terracotta Milliput…i use it even more than greenstuff!

I find it very usefull as a ‘before extreme detail’ layer, to get a smooth surface to sculpt on, so its good for smooth skin and such, but its always best to use alot of water, as it does crumble if not properly lubricated…

Its also very good to use on large models, some of my examples:

And on normal sized models…

And dont even get me started on a GS/Milliput mixture…as GRNDL knows more than well :wink:

- Warpy


Wow, that is some amazing stuff WarplockMonkey :cheers

Kera foehunter:

Warp lock no swearing !! this is a family site

thanks to you !! you lead me down this new path and they are going to get some terrcota

i also wanted it so i can do larger scale pieces