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i’m just working at many different dwarfs, and i have completed the musician and a normal warriors for my “miners”. there are quite less pics ubdated in the last few days in this forum… are you all to busy, to convert CDs? ^^

as you see, i’ll keep the candles, they will be painted black with green fire, which would make them look spooky in the dark mines. the slaves will think “ah, a ghost! … oh good, it’s only a cruel violent overseer…” whip


comments welcome!


Very nice! Miners of the Mountains of Mourn! They look great. Keep up the great work. :smiley:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like them. Can’t wait to see a whole unit, and then painted as well. That’d be awesome.


Ya, for sure. I love looking at your conversions prior to painting,makes you appreciate them that much more.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Oh yeah! Pre-painted AND painted FTW. Just, I if I see unpainted, I always want to see painted too.


At the end of your beard how do you get the lines so thin and close together without making the beard flat?


Gah, I thought for a moment this was a new post from snot.

Kera foehunter:

dude great job i love the shovel and his grumpy face


You need to use a very sharp blade, and it helps to wait until the GS is a bit harder. You shouldn’t flatten it then. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

hey snot are you plaining any rocky stone baces?


cough Threadomancy cough


*cough* Threadomancy *cough*

*cough* Thegreatmodelsareworthit *cough*


*cough* Thegreatmodelsareworthit *cough*
Haha, agreed :cheers


*cough* Thegreatmodelsareworthit *cough*
Haha, agreed :cheers


anyway snot, they are great, hope you make more:cheers


Nice work :hat off

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Tarrakk Blackhand:

Love the shovels. It’s quite the different concept and I can really “dig it”!


Wouw snot plx continue on ur awsome work :smiley: Really want to make some miners myself to so love to see how you do it ^^

black hammer:

Nice minis, I especially like the guy wielding the shovel.