[Archive] Mini tutorial for ranking 5th ed plastic big hats



Centauro Enano’s thread


reminded me my old small tutorial I made at the times of Hands of Hashut.

Maybe you remember it, maybe not… hope to be helpful to someone. :stuck_out_tongue:

As you can see, cutting the support it’s really easier to rank them properly. Turning the axes makes it even easier and add a little variety to the otherwise uniform unit, just remember to pin your axes!

I also carved a little axes’ blades to make them more different.

This is the final result:

Now they are ready to face the enemy :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

lol i remember this tutorial. Thats a great and effective solution if you dont mind cutting up all your old and rare models. I much prefer just using diagonal bases though.


Hi, Pyro! It’s nice old dwarfs when remember stuff of times of thy olde :s

Hope to help Centauro Enano. :smiley:

centauro enano:

Thanks Bassman, by the way everyone carried a shield?


Noooo, this is way impossible IMO. You do not need to give everybody a shield. Only 6 out of 25 have a shield :~

Nobody ever complained about this, it’s pretty clear they have shield and hand weapon.


I just give shields to the guys on the outer edge of the unit.

Kera foehunter:

i put them the shields on there back!!! starting in the second row and on

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I wish I could find some plastic CD’s. They look awesome. ThanX for the tips!