[Archive] Miniature Scenery - URSULA HEAVY MORTAR


Saw this today and it struck me that this might be useful for us. Cant remember the name of the chaos dwarf pirate character with the octopus submarine. But either for a nautical themed army or something AoS related it might work? :hat off

Ursula Heavy Mortar - $50.00AUD : Miniature Scenery


Looks great! Can’t find the size, but with some modifications it might be a thematic iron daemon too.


I have no idea what I’m looking at but it

Timothy Archer:

love it , if you remove the 2 small cannons you have a cool thing


It seems usable as a hellcannon and the price is fair, even with shipping.


Thordrek Hackheart approves!


Ok, found the sizes! That thing is quite big! Too bad the khadim titan has no shooting, would have been a fitting model!


Very interesting, but the more I think about it the less sure about it I am.

It is laser cut MDF, so maybe that is what is bothering me.


Make a pretty awesome bound Titan mortar for 9th age


Oh… Man… That gives me some ideas. Been a while since I have looked at their site but I’ve always liked their stuff.