[Archive] Minotaurs?


I wonder what Chaos Dwarfs would do when they come face to face with a minotaur?

Would they try and capture one and keep it as a trophy or would they see them as some kind of insult!



I’ve often considered this. Who knows really.


in liber chaotica it says minotaurs are set by chaos to guard shrines around the old world, troll country, chaos wastes etc. they guard the shrine with their life. i think the minotaur would probably fight to the death no matter what the CD tried to do.


hmm who knows, maybe Hashut can mess things up and show him, its better not to mess with the Blackbeards :cheers I mean… which bull wouldn’t like to have an extra horn or something like that :hashut

:hat off Grano


I daresay CDs would like to capture a minotour - I reckon as some sort of gladiatorial beast, like lions in the colluseum or the Ranktor (EDIT: It’s Rancor… :wink: )in Return of the Jedi; slaves would be thrown in as punishment or for entertainment purposes, as well as maybe the occasional chaos dwarf who had offended the sorcerers. It may well be possible to capture a minotour without killing it, possibly by restraining it with magic or wearing it down with slaves and beating it unconcious.


If Beastmen are the forces of chaos, and Hashut is a Chaos Bull god,

wouldn’t it be safe to assume that Minotaurs are His creations. I mean, beastmen aren’t mutants right? I thought they were a distinct species, but I might be wrong.


Not mutants in the random sense, but they were created when Chaos was released.


i always thought minators were ogres who had mutated in the same way as beastmen prehaps not tho, there are chaos ogres tho so prehaps not


Minotaurs are, last time I checked, one of the beastmen species created when the warp gates crashed. Its possible that Hashut is their god, but nothing I have read seems to support that, and not to mention that minotaurs are generally associated with fire and darkness; they’re more undivided.

I imagine CD’s would try to take it as a trophy of some kind, wether alive or dead. Maybe they even have breeding pens for them back home. Minotaurs, once broken, would make good slaves.


ill check my beasts of chaos book when i can find it

there just larger mutations of beastmen it seems although less intelivgant from, tho minator lords seem to have comperable inteligance to beastlords

tho beastmen revear them with awe , they can be marked by the normal 4
it says when the gates crashed man became beast and beast became man