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Just wanted to post to let off some steam.

I just found out my graduation is delayed a semester. A few years ago I joined the army and went to basic. Now I had left mid one semester to get in shape. I was going to be an Intel. Analyst. They ended up messing up my medical waivers, and I was sent home (heart issues).

I had to be readmitted to the university. Now previously I had a class requirement waived, as I talked to the Registrar saying I had taken an AP class, etc.So I had gotten that class waived. Now either when I was readmitted, or when they reviewed my transcript for graduation, they got rid of that.

I’m not sure if I can get a place to stay, but the land lord is seeing what she can do. One of my friends who owns a home isn’t allowing me to move in…

I need to register for classes.

My folks will explode as they already see me in a very negative light… I’ve actually been called the failure of the family. Which is insane, as I’m on the verge of getting a degree… which I would say is being successful.

I’m just stressed, and frustrated, as I will probably have to go it alone. Going alone financially wouldn’t bother me so much… but the fact they may cut off their relationship (as they can be good too) is what will hurt the most.

I’m really freaking out right now. On the plus side, if I get through this… I’ll be able to endure a lot.

Plus today I’m in my hometown to see the dentist all day.

I need advice, and encouragement.

Thommy H:

Sounds like the parents are the worst thing - I don’t know what to say except “that sucks”: parents should support their children, not accuse them of being failures (especially if they’ve demonstrably busted ass to stay in higher education and improve themselves, as you obviously have). I don’t know what your relationship with them is like, but if you can handle the other stuff (which you seem to have more of a handle on), that might be the thing to start repairing? Support from loved ones is pretty much vital for dealing with any serious problem.


Hang in there! Presumably you’ll be able to work a lot if you only have to take one class, so that should make it easier to find a place to stay. Have you tried to get that class waived again? Sometimes people screw up and you have to go in person to sort it out. I had to do it a few times.


Already tried. Apparently this Registrar has something to prove…


I can do it… I just need to get through the “oh crap” phase and make sure I’m set.


As someone who doesn’t have a degree, but has been mistaken for a Professor, all I’ll say is “who cares about school?” The measure of a man is in his deeds, not on his potential. Go do great things and if not, rot and fester in a ditch somewhere, that way, no one will notice and we’ll appreciate that. :slight_smile:

I won’t say that education is overrated, but its not everything.
Also, live up to your own standards, not someone else’s. When the chips are down, all you’ll have is yourself. Especially at the end.

And if all else fails, Top Ramen is your friend. Especially if you can get an egg in it.

PS: Let me know if you’re selling your  Big Hats… :wink: Just being practical…



What’s with these higher learning institutions (this is one right?) and their inability make people graduate. I talked to a friend in an “university of applied science” (which always annoys me, they have no right to call themselves an university, only real universities can do that). I asked because he was working and I thought he had graduate really quick, turns out he had no/few classes ATM and they were stringing out his education to take exactly 3,5 years. He still had not begun his final thesis. Apparently the school get’s paid for exactly 3,5 years and only if he goes there for so long so they make sure your studies will take that time so they get funding. My university constantly has trouble because “we” only get paid on the basis of actual degrees.

Hang in there dude! Though to be honest I’m incredibly stubborn so stuff like this usually ends up as “damn I’m going to show those bastards and do this”.

Can you just take the exams, assuming they’d waive classes they must think you have the knowledge required? I know lots of people who do this from time to time. Since general exam days are available at regular intervals one can speed up the process.

School bureaucracy can be horrible, I’ve often been banging heads with some bloody person who’s only function seems to be to make my education harder.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I can’t see why your parents think of you as a failure. You were in the army, you got into the school, you’re working part time to keep yourself in school, you’re getting your degree…how is that a failure? What or whom are they compairing you to?

Sometimes parents can be such a pain in the ass.

Hang in there, fight the hard fight and carry on!



I think its because the rest of his family are noble prize winners, progressive scientists, influential politicians, supermodels, 5 star generals and so on, and not gamers. And I think I’m only half kidding.

Alternatively, they could be upset that out of a million photos of Swiss, he’s not smiling in ANY of them, or that he is the only one in the family who doesn’t have a secret fishman fetish (see also: Shadow over Innsmouth, :slight_smile: )


Actually my dad is a gamer… and he is aware and being level headed.

It’s just when my mother finds out… oohhh boy. If you hear of mushroom clouds in Wisconsin, my mother took it poorly.

I will find out within a day if it I simply need to stick around for the summer, or another semester. I’m really hoping it is just the summer as that would be several less levels of stress, be easier for folks to deal with… and cheaper. Plus I could at least work at a local historical site, helping my resume and earning money.

So if it’s just the summer… it’s annoying, but not a total loss.


I've actually been called the failure of the family.
Harsh :sad

Why are they so upset, its one more semester, its not like you've behaved irresponsibly or abandoned your studies or anything... its not even your fault...

Although don't let having a degree fool you into thoughts of success, I have a degree and it aint helping me much....admittedly it is a degree in drawing pictures :) but it did put me £12k in debt just like anyone else.


Drawing pictures? I believe the technical term is “colouring in”.

Kera foehunter:

Swiss is this is the worst anything could happen ???

But life does give you chances ! Just chill !! Eveything going to be ok !

Remember in life all you have are your friends and family

the cool thing is you get to pick your friends!!


Well it looks like my graduation will just be delayed until summer. Being able to finish up that much sooner means a lot less cost.

I put in an application to Dining Services, I hope I can get a job there as if I do I get dirt cheap room and board ($300 for housing for the entire summer (includes internet, a/c, etc)) and a free meal each week day. Not a bad deal, plus a wage on top of it. So I hope that works.

I’ll be living in the dorms for the summer, so I’ll have a place to stay.

I also put in for financial aid.

It’s coming together.

Now the hard part… telling my mother. Ugh.


I need advice, and encouragement.


I know it's not much, but sometimes it's the best.

As for your mom, well, mother's (and fathers) want the best for their children. She's probably worried that this might mess up some chances to excel in a career. Also, knowing my mom, she probably doesn't understand why you didn't know sooner (though you are fully aware of everything you've been told up til now, she may not)

As for the 'friend' who won't let you stay at their place, I would call them an acquaintance. I have friends who I would let move into my place in a heartbeat, no questions asked. those who I would be hesitant to let in, I wouldn't call friends.

You WILL pull through this and it WILL work out. because you are you Swiss, and these things won't stop you from succeeding. all they will do is get you worked up for a period of time. But Kera is right, things will work out :)


I’d just like to second what sojourn said and yea that ‘friend’ not really a friend. to halway quote a great song friends will be friends when your IN NEED they give you care and attention…when your through with life when all hope is lost just hold out your hand cause friends will be friends right till the end.


Hey Swiss, if you were closer to DC, I’d put you up… Shoot we could game every once in a while too.

Keep your chin up. If you really want a ride on the ‘I wish things weren’t the way they are’ train, I’ll trade shoes with you for a bit…

Think of it this way, the economy is in the tank, the extra time to finish school, might give you an opportunity to get into the work force when things are moving back up…


Thanks for the kind words everyone, I really appreciate them. It means a lot.

two_heads_talking: If at some point I need to job hunt in the DC area, I might take you up on that (I’d bring an army too)

It’s all coming together also. So it’s looking good. I got my graduation delayed until summer, which happens.

Suddenly I feel like my problems are meaningless though. I just got some horrible news. News article.  She was a classmate of mine and a friend.  It made me sick reading it. I’m also enraged.

Wow… some things throw stuff into perspective. I’m just glad I have some school work to keep my mind busy so I don’t get that depressed.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

OMG Swiss! That’s terrible!

We had something simularhappen to a fellow student when I took my Quality Inspection Course in the 1990’s. I always hate when bad things happen to good people, esp when they’re people you know.

Kera foehunter:

Swiss !! you need to get out and have more fun !!

or throw A HELL OF A TOGA PARTY !!! Your thinking to much about thing that may not happen

i had a good friend die this week too. She was killed by a drunk driver walking home

so im going back this weekend to do that !!

we probly go out 49ing afterward

cheer up !! remember you have the choice each day to be happy or depressed



49ing? What is that?