[Archive] Miscellaneous Musings and Updates!


Wow, what a week!

Golden Hat!

Golden Hat #2 finished up and I added it to the main site: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/contest2.php I also Emailed Games Workshop US with the Rykarth models! I phrased it very nicely and I hope they support our cause!


We are still kicking butt and taking names at Warvault! Thanks to everyone who keeps voting! We are really getting lots of new attention, so thanks!

Nemesis Crown!

We were mentioned in the newsletter! How sweet is that? It’s time to step up our game and give some aid to the Greenskins! Encourage your Orc friends to stop losing, and help them out! :stuck_out_tongue:

Impact on Warhammer!

As evidence of our impact, I spotted a Chaos Dwarf army being made at the Bunker by a Red Shirt! I will be contacting him, and getting him to join the forum if he hasn’t already! His style closely resembles my videos, so that is exciting to me and is encouraging me to make Hobgoblin videos next!

Chaos Dwarf Mentions!

While talking with another Red Shirt, I discovered that even a Chaos Dwarf Veteran like me still hasn’t seen everything! He pointed out to me The Orphans paragraph from the current Dwarf Army Book, and I was compelled to buy the book. I started a thread so we can collect all such mentions, head there to help out with that!

Overall I am super impressed with everyone! In a very short time we have produced so much quality work and I think it is having a direct impact on the world stage for the Chaos Dwarf army! We have to keep pressing and showcasing our work to continually feed the fire we have started! Once again, well done everyone!

Cheers! :cheers


Hashut’s Blessing:

Yay, well done and thank you to all!