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Gamesday 2012 is over and there were many great Golden Daemon entries which has given me inspiration to finalliy create my own. I’m not the most fantastic modeller/sculpter/painter around but I do have plenty of dedication! My hope is to pass the first cut (get into the finalist cabinet) but I aspire of course to attain a Gold/Silver/Bronze Daemon. If you don’t have high aspirations you wont get anywhere in life!

I have decided to make a diorama, to use my better skills of vision and conversion scope rather than just using more standard models with an amazing paint job (Which I’m not so good at). I’m probably going to end up spending a good few hundred pounds on this in models and supplies, all options will likely be on a 30x30cm (roughly)display possibly with multiple levels and probably with two “back” walls. I plan to have plenty of hidden parts as well, small things going on you wouldn’t notice at a first look.

Nothing is set in stone yet, I’m just throwing ideas around, collecting images and pricing stuff up at the moment. But I plan to start once the Diorama is designed and I have a bulk of the models purchased.

So I’m first posting a poll with a few options on what to make, I’m also going to post it up on warseer as I’m sure there will be a totally different reaction there to here! Here are some descriptions of the poll options:

Rebellion: I’ve not thought about this one so much really but basically it would be Warhammer forge Chaos Dwarfs in battle against Hobgoblins, Black Orcs, Ogres and whatever else in some sort on mine/slavepit. I’m sure you guys would have plenty of ideas for this but my main concern would be getting decent “action” poses with the Warhammer Forge models as they’re quite static. I may be able to use some regular dwarfs but I’m unsure on this one.

Hungerquest: Basically four Ogre adventurers modelled off the old Heroquest game. So a Barbarian, Wizard, Dwarf and Elf Ogre fighting in a dungeon against some monsters (also from the game). Essentially the theme would be a modernised/Ogred version of the original box art.

Doomseekers: A group of Dwarf Slayer Doomseekers fighting against some sort of monstrous creatures. The doomseekers are fantastic models and have a lot of motion in their posing which should be great for a diorama. This is also mainly because I have a pile of old dwarfs to use up.

Battleline: Essentially the front lines of two armies crashing into each other. I’ve not chosen the armies or the scene but I really like the idea of modelling it with lots of individual duals and heroes fighting.

Something else: Like I said, nothing is yet set in stone. I’m totally open to other ideas and suggestions for modified verions of any of the options above.


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Having gone through this process a few times now, I think I can offer some good things for you to think about.

Designing a diorama is quite unlike any other category in that the terrain will actually play a very important part.  You need to think about this part a great deal, because depending on what exactly you’re doing you shouldn’t really have any more models than you need to get the story across.

The terrain needs to be painted as well as the models, up to golden daemon standard (which is obvious really, but how many of us can actually build and paint terrain to this standard?).

Fewer models should mean a smaller diorama, because the models need to interact so they will most likely be closer together.

I voted for Doomseeker mainly because it has the fewest models by the sounds of things and an immediately obvious story element coming across.  Plus I love slayers.

Whatever you decide to do I would strongly advise building and painting the terrain/ base (on a picture frame as a base), before touching any models with a paintbrush.


My vote is for the CD rebellion idea… but then again I’m partial. I still think it would be cool to have a diorama of CD’s and Hobgob’s fighting off some Black Orcs and what not as their backs are nearing the gates of Zharr Naggrund. Very cool indeed!

Throw in a Bull Centaur or two and a Magma Dragon and you got yourself a Golden Daemon Slayer Sword MLP!

Best wishes with your undertaking and of course post pictures of your entire project! I know I’d love to see every stage of it.


Grimstonefire cheers for those tips, I’ll bear them in mind. Seeing all the other doramas at GD you’re certainly right about the terrain being painted at such a high standard!

Animatone I was expecting most to be partial to the Rebellion idea but it seems that those on warseer like it just as much! I don’t know about the slayer sword, I’d be happy just getting it finished and entering GD next year! Don’t you worry I’ll be posting every step of the way in this thread(to help keep me going!) from the designs to the buyng of all the bits all the way through to the end.


I would like to see the greenskins rebellion and, but this would be very difficult to do properly, at the exact moment when the hobgoblins turns against their fellow green skins and save the CDs.

I would portrait the dwarfs defending a gate as a last ditch defense. In front of the gate would flow a river of lava, like a defensive ditch, and dwarfs would be defeinding the bridge against the advancing greenskins.

Orcs lead the horde on the forefront, goblins follow and behind hobgoblins start to attack from the back the green skins…

too complicated? :wink: