[Archive] MM90 Shields


The 2nd/3rd ed Citadels - thats the C16s, the D3s, the Renegades and a few more - all came with the plain shields with the hole in the middle:


Those I’ve got from NIBs all had the undead ones. And the catalogue photoes also show them with these - but there might have been variants.

The MM90’s also came with ‘undead shields’ - but it was those Marauder Miniatures did without a hole and with sculpt on motives (See my first post - post #3)

So yeah, they all came with ‘undead shields’ - just that they have two different designs.

Blue in VT:

And should you find the one with the 2 headed snake/dragon/worm/... I'll be quite interested in that one too :D


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