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Moan’s Throne

Black vengance time was come when the foul tidings were all known,

how Vorag our slavers into slavery had thrown.

Ghoul King Vorag Bloodytooth had southern realm carved out with bone,

misdeeds to high Hashut would he now by death atone.

Temple’s Prophets burnt for oaths a giant slave corpse cone,

furnaces in armouries for holy war then shone.

Messages of vile affront at last reached High Priest’s zone

clamour of the faithful was resoundingly war prone.

Lord Hashut’s calls for retribution did High Priest not long postpone,

else Zhargon’s every power would be dunned back like a loan.

For first time in a century High Priest Zhargon had himself shown,

and mustered grandest army to slay every ghoulish drone.

Zhargon the Great from Temple of triumphs prophesied in cruel tone,

and his Immortal bodyguards their axe heads did now hone.

High Priest Zhargon was then borne by slaves upon a golden throne,

army was then armed with new gun flared like a trombone.

Marching through the Gates of Zharr he then did come upon old crone,

name she lacked and dressed she was in ancient orc-hide gown.

The hag warned Zhargon to wage war if he did not sacrifice black stone,

the High Priest merely found her words to be dull monotone.

Crone then declared that the Father of Darkness would make us moan,

too hot Zhargon’s wrath over her then finally had grown.

Lord Hashut’s Second Kingdom under Zhargon’s rule did Dark Lands own,

Zhargon of the crone thus made skeleton xylophone.

High Priest claimed Hashut’s favour was in Azgorh’s ash windblown,

then marched his army into the large plain of dragon bone.

First Ghoul King Vorag’s foul forces in the south did make us groan,

soon undead foes our deepest ranks into tatters had mown.

In shamed retreat we had with our corpses Dark Lands bestrown,

as Vorag’s shrieking terror fiends over our heads had flown.

Bitterly we does still regret Zhargon’s arrogance alone,

this failing in our dominance may we never condone.

- Chaos Dwarf children rhyme song


Zhargon of the crone thus made skeleton xylophone.



Zhargon of the crone thus made skeleton xylophone.


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