[Archive] Mobile site?


Lately, I’ve been browsing CDO now and then on my iPod. Currently, you have to scroll load because the site is supposed for browsing on a computer or Mac.

I though of mayhaps adding a mobile (more compact) version of the site, so that browsing on cellphones, tabs, iphones, ipods etc will be easier and more pleasant to use.

(example: instead of www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/ something like m.chaos-dwarfs.com) this could be done automatically when the site notices you’re using one of the things stated before, or manually.

Anyone wants to share some thoughts on this idea? ^^

- Borador


Maybe using the tapatalk application is the way to go.



Yeah was thinking about that too, but that won’t solve the issue for all cellphones, tabs and pda’s and stuff, just for supported products :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(yeah there are still androidless phones etc)


How many non-android and non-iOS devices are actually used to look at the site?

That info might show how much effort (if any) should be put into creating a site just for users using those devices.

Nearly everyone I know uses either an ‘iDevice’ or an android smartphone. I know one person with a blackberry, I think.

Perhaps a poll might be in order?


The base site works perfectly well in Safari on my iPhone. Unless its something flash based, I tend not to worry about needing mobile versions of sites.


I did mention this a while back in the staff section but I have no idea what it would take to accomplish. For the record I’m a Blackberry user :slight_smile:


Indeed, there are little mobile device browaing users who do not use an android/iDevice thing.

Base site does work perfectly indeed, just so much scrolling. On the other hand, tapatalk gets rid of that so that is a possible solution.

I also have no idea how much effort etc it would be to accomplish, it was just some idea that sprung up in my mind (or however the English say that ;P)


To find out how many phone are you use for browsing this site, you could try the javascript var navigator.appVersion. This returns the OS off the client, then its just a matter of using ajax to store it in a database or something. AS for how to make a mobile version, I’m not sure about that. I’ve never build a mobile site.


I use to have an iphone and have now got a HTC android phone , i have not had a problem browsing the site using either of them, not sure how a mobile version would improve it as i have found it easy to use


I must say that I don’t have any problems browsing CDO on my iPhone…


well it is not a real problem indeed, and so far, if anyone would have a problem with scrolling the page a lot, he could just get the tapatalk application (3 iDevices users, 3 android ones ;P)

so maybe, a mobile site is not necessary at all

(posted this thread on a “I-don’t-like-to-scroll-my-page-day” I guess ;P)


Don’t go on here very often on a mobile, but when I do its my wife’s phone an that runs Android.


Using my iPod, I’ve never had any real trouble. It does require a little bit of scrolling, but nothing I don’t mind.

I haven’t seen a forum with a mobile version yet, so I do wonder how easy/practical it is to do.

If it is easy, it might not be a bad idea though.

Just my $0.02


...I haven't seen a forum with a mobile version yet, so I do wonder how easy/practical it is to do...

I have to agree on that, I haven't seen it either yet, but as you said, if it's easy to create it could be worth the effort IMO


In theory: easy. In practice hard. ESPN is a example of a great site that interprets the incoming browser/platform then offers up the site, from there you choose which one: either Full or Mobile.

This works well for them. The problem is then a mobile friendly site which to my knowledge is not done on the fly, isn’t another web site or at least different CSS. I haven’t looked lately to see if MyBB has available for such but, I’m guessing it would be a big one.

That said there are apps on the ap store (iOS) that make forums into an app.

Bear in mind there is always Archive Mode for faster browsing.


haha well I don’t get a word of what you are saying there willmark :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Guessing it is pretty undo-able on the short run, isn’t it?

The app was stated before by zobo1942, which is also available for android, Nokia, etc.


Really it’s the amount of time more then anything else.


Really it's the amount of time more then anything else.

Ah that's more to my understanding, thanks. Yeah, I already thought so.


i’m using a nokia N97 mini and never really encounter any problems. I use the standard nokia browser. I have to add that my screen is quite wide so i can read the forums without having to scroll left and all the time.


TBQH I think that for the time being the website as it is, is what it will continue to be. There are apps in iOS like forum runner that make things more mobile friendly.