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A general question for you all.

Considering how hard they are to rank at the best of times, if you are arming your infernal guard with great weapons do you/ would you prefer them to have nothing in the left hand if they are not holding the weapon with both hands?

The other options being a shield or a left handed hand weapon etc.

Or something cool like a skull or chain etc, but that would be repetitive over so many models.

I was just puzzling over this, considering the shield is compulsory would most people actually want to have them holding both, or if they have the choice have an empty hand?


I’d want as many shields in there as possible, at the very least to remind myself to use them when they get shot at!

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Many of the classic sculpts (which is 6th edition for me) had rank and file with two poses. I think a two-handed pose and a one-handed pose with shield would be best but honestly, at this point, I’d just me happy for ANY great weapon bits.


You might not have that long to wait. :wink:


You might not have that long to wait. ;)

Oh oh...
Does that mean that you know something we don't know? :o
Something coming nearby ? :hat

Kera foehunter:

ohhhhhhh! So the forges at Grimstone manner is at full bore ?



I don’t know if FW have any intentions of releasing any more arms for Infernal guard.


I don't know if FW have any intentions of releasing any more arms for Infernal guard.

I thought so, but I was much more talking about... Stuff you would do somebody else :hat off
I know that someone here planned to make some heads and great weapons, but maybe there will be something more :D


ohhh…me likes what I (don’t) see! :smiley: :smiley:

I’m more inclined on a free hand version, more conversion possibility! :smiley:


I’m for two poses as well. I like the idea of an impenetrable wall of iron… So shields are definitely welcome!


I have found a very easy way to make CD with great weapons. Get the warriors of chaos upgrade kit that has the 10 or 12 great weapons. Putty the arms into the gloves. As for ranking just snip and adjust the gloves of the great weapons as needed. I have only made one but he looks pretty sweet.


And don't forget Baggronor's "Dwarf Royal Guard"!


+1 - those are great!!